Saturday, February 21, 2009

Noby Noby Boy - WTF!?!?!

I thought that i would do a review of Noby Noby Boy, but it turns out i can't. i fall into a group, inbetween those who don't "get" the game and those that do. it's a awkward place to be, to love some parts, but really hate others, the main exmaple being the camera controls, unfortunately, it is a game that will polarise to those extremes. The graphics are not stunning, the music is pretty non-existent, which is a shame cause i think clever use of music like Flower would really help the game.

there is no story, no goals, your just Boy and you have to make Girl grow. what you do with boy inbetween is entirely up to you, and it's this that really stumps me cause so little is told of what that is. thankfully there are trophies, and if anyone gets the game i recommend they look at a site and the trophies for this game, as they are all blank on the console bar one, as they act as a good basis for what you can do in the game. most games use trophies to show what else can be done, but here they are done in such a way that they are a manual for what you should try.

And yet, it's these sort of games that i want more on the PSN, these games that try to change the definition of what a game is. Flower, which was released the previous week, was another game that showed us another way a game could be made, played...and to be honest, i really did enjoy flower. these games are really unique to the PS3, sure the 360 has had some interesting games but they were more safe, more likely to sell than say Noby Noby Boy, and it's these risks, these "games" which Sony is prepared to put on th e PS3 that makes me more interested in the PSN, interested to see what else is coming, to try something new.

So in the end, no review just some ramblings and thoughts.

Star Trek Online Update [Updated]

Cryptic has uploaded another "ask Cryptic" section, and this one has some rather interesting points. catch the full article at .
here though are some interesting comments when asked about ship customisation that i personally find quite interesting.
  • The vessel you choose will have a familiar silhouette, for example a Miranda class or a Centaur class. you won't be able to add say more warp engines to it, the vessel has to look like it's silhouette, but that still means you "...will be able to modify all the parts – the saucer, the nacelles, the pylons, the primary hull, etc. You will also be able to modify colors, decals, and other bits."Basically creating a viariant of the main design, like the Enterprise B Variant of the Excellsior deisgn (with the extra impulse engines)
  • You can upgrade internal parts of your vessel. However, the upgrades are specific depending on your Vessels Class, Nova Class, for example, would be more scientific. all sorts of upgradable parts are available however "....rimary items like your weapons, shields, deflector dish, impulse and warp engines, etc. You will also be able to add lots of enhancements to your systems, such as targeting computers for better accuracy, EPS conduits upgrades to improve power transfer rates, better biobeds for your sick bay..."
  • The final thing which can be customised is your bridge crew. "...Your Bridge Officers will come with unique skills that can only be used if they are at a duty station." An example which they mention earlier in the article would be the chief engineer, "... your engineer’s skills will determine your maximum warp speed."
Some interesting stuff. i like how the studio is continuing to maintin interest in thier game by slowly divulgeing information about it, pictures. but what impresses me the most is how they are involving the community. they offer contests like thier Kobsyashi maru contests or thier Planet Exploration stories with prizes like Beta Slots and Forum Slots. They have already begun to develop the community, meaning when the game is released they will have greater numbers in the game from the off, and good day 1 sales of course.
They have even worked with the new Star Trek Movie and incorperated some of those story lines into the games, making both as Cannon as each other. a known example is the uniforms, the left is from the book tie in, the right being from the game. expect information on Data later?!

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Looks like IGN has got some more screen shots for the game that aren't even on Star Trek Online's website. Click on IGN Star Trek Online Pic's to have a look at them.