Friday, August 24, 2012

Square Enix Announce Final Fantasy Dimensions Comes To iOS And Android On 31st August, Prologue Is Free

Square Enix have announced Final Fantasy Dimensions is set to come out on Both Android and iOS on 31st August. the prologue is free for everyone. then you can buy the first chapter for $2.99 / £1.99 / €2.39, chapters 2-4 for $9.99 / £6.99 / €7.99 each, or the entire collection of chapters for $28.99 / £19.99 / €22.99.

Final Fantasy Dimensions was originally released in Japan around 2 years ago and it has a similar look to Final Fantasy IV: The After Years with a job system similar to Final Fantasy V.


Source: Square Blog

Atlus Reveal The Persona 4 Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition, Only 10,000 Units And $69.99

Atlus have revealed the Solid Gold Premium Edition version of Persona 4. this edition is limited to only 10,000 units and is only hitting the USA. for $69.99, the Solid Gold Premium Edition includes:
  • The game: One of the best RPGs of all time is bigger and better than ever before, enhanced to take full advantage of the power of Vita.
  • Hori® Hard Pouch:  Sturdily crafted and stylishly customized, this case has a flap for storing PS Vita cards that also guards the screen.
  • Hori® Face Cover:  Offers lightweight yet effective protection without blocking any major ports, meaning you don't have to take it off to play!
  • Protective Skin:  Adorns your PS Vita with the stylish, vibrant aesthetics of Persona 4 Golden and also includes 8 matching character wallpapers. This same skin is being offered in limited quantities as a bonus for fans who pre-order P4G at participating retailers.
  • Stickers:  Featuring some of the popular stars of  Persona 4, these stickers can be used to decorate anything you can think of!

Solid Gold Premium Edition Artwork

Press Release

Square Enix Have Released A New Japanese Trailer For Final Fantasy III On The PSP

Square Enix have released a new trailer for the PSP Version of Final Fantasy III. this video is in Japanese but it does show in-game action. cinematics are shown as are in-game features like the ability to change jobs and the ability to choose to play the game with the new soundtrack or it's original. Final Fantasy III comes to the PSP in Japan on 20th September.

Tecmo Koei Have Released A New Trailer And 2 New Gameplay Videos For Dead Or Alive 5

Tecmo Koei have released a new trailer and 2 new gameplay videos for Dead Or Alive 5. the trailer reveals some back story as to the end of Dead Or Alive 4 before moving onto this new Game. the video shows several characters in the game. the next video is a gameplay video showing Brad Wong Vs Eliot and the last video is Helena Vs Lisa.

Double Fine Announce Psychonauts Comes To The USA PSN As A PS2 Classic On 28th August

Double Fine have announced Psychonauts is coming to the USA on PS3. on 28th August, the game will be released on the PSN as a PS2 Classic. No Price was revealed and no EU Release date was announced.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Ubisoft Have Released The First Behind The Scenes Look At ZombiU

Ubisoft have released the first behind the scenes look at ZombiU on the Wii U. this video focuses on Horror on Wii U, talking a bit about the story and the horror experience they want to show. new features are mentioned, like when you die you can start with a new character and try and kill the zombie you and reclaim your back pack. the video shows how you use the Wii U GamePad and how it affects gameplay, an example show how you can try to pick locks on the GamePad whilst watching the world around you on the big screen.