Saturday, September 2, 2023

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - September's Big Run Event

Welcome to Online Saturday!

This weekend is September's Big Run Event in Splatoon 3. This event has the Salmonids attacking the Um'ami Ruins map. This is one of the bigger differences between a Big Run event and Salmon Run. another is that because the regular maps are bigger than the Salmon Run maps, you don't always start each round in the same place. coupled with the 3 levels of sea water, this means there are 9 possible map layouts in Big Run. But, like Salmon Run, your scores in this event do contribute to getting the September item, which this month is the Retro Future Helmet. An added bonus for Big Run is there is an extra item to collect. everyone who finishes a game get's it, but those who get the most gold Salmonoid eggs get different colors of it.

Today's video is much longer than normal videos. i really wanted to try and get a high score as in the past my scores haven't been close to getting the better rewards. But as i kept on playing, i was able to try to defeat the King Salmonid twice and get September's item three times. Tho, at the end of it i didn't get a high score, nor was i able to defeat the king. but i do think this went better than August's Salmon Run,, and the item i got had some great pins that are suitable for how i play. let me know in the comments what score you got.