Saturday, December 17, 2022

Pokémon Violet - The Nineteenth Part – Defeating The Lurking Steel Titan

I’m the previous video, I followed the path and ended up in #Zapapico Town. In today’s video, I go from there across the desert to where the Lurking Steel Titan is. 

As usual, I meander along the way. So if you want to see the titan fight, head to the end of the video. Along the way I level up several Pokémon and catch some familiar fire types. I show that I only have 3 different fire type Pokémon and I was concerned that I would struggle against the titan. 

But as I made my way through the desert, it became clear that my team was most likely fine, if not over leveled for the task. Still, it was a shock to see what the Titan ended up being!

Pokémon Violet - The Eighteenth Part – The Journey to Zapapico Town

I didn't have a goal for this video. as you'll see in the beginning, there were many options open to me. In the end, i ended up following a path to the mountains near Medali City in West Province.

I then needed to find a Pokémon Centre, so that then became my target. i left and continued to follow a path and before i really knew it, i had ended up in Zapapico Town. I saw some raids in the distance so i went to have a look, but i came right back to Zapapico Town. 

as per usual, for me, there's lots of meandering on the journey, and even a really big fall. i evolved a Pokémon and caught a new one. Overall, it was a nice relaxing time and i hope you'll enjoy it as much as i did.

Pokémon Violet - The Seventeenth Part – Exploring Medali City and Defeating Larry

The goal for this video was to explore Medali City and to do it’s gym. Of course, with a little bit of meandering along the way. 

I did it, but it wasn’t easy. The gym challenge was unique and kinda interesting. It certainly got me thinking and took a little time. But the gym battle was hard. Larry’s team is tough with some good coverage moves. I made some mistakes and more than once I thought it would’ve been a loss.

Then my rival challenged me to a battle right afterwards. There was no time to change my team to my regular team. So they also had a hard battle and once again I thought I was going to lose. But, somehow, I won. 

I don’t really have a plan as to where I’m going to go next!