Friday, June 22, 2012

2K And Yager Have Released The First Developer Diary For Spec Ops: The Line

2K and Yager have released the first developer dairy for Spec Ops: The Line. in this video they talk about the setting of the game, not just the country but also the sand of the game. in-game action and artwork is shown in this video. the video also goes into detail about the choices you make in the game, choices in combat and choices in the story.

Square Enix Release A PC Launch Trailer And New Screenshots For Quantum Conudrum, Out On PS3/Xbox 360 On 11th July

Square Enix have released a launch trailer and new screenshots for the recently released PC version of Quantum Conudrum. the game is out on Steam for £9.99 / €14.99, or you can pay £13.99 / €19.99 for a season pass which gives you 2 DLC Packs and the games soundtrack. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game are set to come out on 11th July.

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EA Announce DreamWorks Studios Has Acquired The Feature Film Rights To Need For Speed

EA have announced DreamWorks Studios have acquired the film rights to the Need For Speed franchise. the movie will be based on the Need For Speed series but not based on an individual game, making it sound more like a car movie called Need For Speed. the script has been developed by George And John Gatins and work on the film is set to start next year, with the movie coming out in 2014.

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Catch The Full 32 Minute Nintendo Direct With Satoru Shibata Here

Nintendo have released video of the full Nintendo Direct event they held earlier today. this video is presented by Satoru Shibata and features such news like the 3DS XL! 
Demos for the Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, from Square Enix, are also now out on the eShop here in the UK!

Nintendo And Square Enix Have Released A New Trailer For Heroes Of Ruin

Nintendo and Square Enix have released a new trailer for Heroes Of Ruin, their upcoming 3DS Game. this trailer shows 37 cool things about the game, using in-game action. a demo for this game is also online on the eShop.

THQ Reveal shopTHQ Darksiders II Customers Get Season Pass, Get 3 DLC Packs For Free, 1st DLC Out Month After The Game

 THQ Have announced customers who purchase Darksiders II from their shopTHQ store get some additional benefits. all pre-orders are upgraded to the Limited Edition Version of the game, which means they get the first DLC pack for free. but these customers also get the Darksiders II Season Pass which means they will get the 2nd and 3rd DLC packs for free. Customers will also get a code to unlock the exclusive Maker's Armor and Scythe set. THQ also say shopTHQ is now the only place to get the Darksiders II Collectors Edition.

Whilst THQ have now announced there are at least 3 DLC packs coming to the game, details on them are light. the first pack is called Argul's Tomb and is set to come out around a month after the game has come out. THQ have said that these DLC packs do add "...significant new single player conent."

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Nintendo Have Released A New Mario Tennis Open Video Giving Fans Metal Mario

Nintendo are giving Mario Tennis Open fans the chance to play as Metal Mario for free. this short video shows him in action, but if you skip to 29 seconds in a QR Code appears. scan this code into your game and you can unlock him.

Nintendo Reveal The Nintendo 3DS XL, 90% Larger Screen, No AC Adaptor, Comes To Europe On 28th July

Nintendo have announced an XL version of the Nintendo 3DS. this 3DS XL comes out across Europe on 28th July and will be available in Silver + Black, Red + Black, And Blue+Black. this new system won't come bundled with a AC Adaptor, Nintendo say the Adaptor from the previous DS and 3DS work with it. the system will come bundled with a 4GB SD Card and Nintendo say the battery life of this version is greater than the original 3DS model.

3DS XL Pictures

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