Sunday, August 14, 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

As those who follow the site know, i've been pretty busy at work. What also didn't help was being pretty ill on Saturday and getting in no gaming whatsoever. Next week i'm not at work as much so hopefully i'll be able to sit back and relax with some games.

Tiny Tower – iPhone – My tower is now 73 floors high and I have 131 residents.

Ratchet And Clank: A Crack In Time – PS3 – still making progress. Its nice having the space sections, it helps break up the gameplay and can act as something to do after a story chapter has finished.

Football Manager 2010 – PC – I Dived back into my save game. I've quit as manager of Vanuatu. In my 4 years in charge i've bought them to 69th in the world rankings, but I couldn't get them into the world cup. Hopefully after the world cup some nations will need a new manager. I'm still in charge of Havant and Waterlooville. It's my 3rd year in the premiership, i'm in the UEFA Cup, and i'm currently top of the league.

Crackdown 2 – Xbox 360 – I enjoyed the first game but I wasn't sure about getting this version. But when the price dropped to under £10 for it new I decided to try it. I've only played it for a little bit but it feels like i've done a lot. I've already turned on 1 station, with a second ready to be turned on. I've also started reclaiming territory. Everything’s pretty familiar but the game feels more difficult, especially trying to turn on a station. With the freaks coming out at night and being more of a pain than a threat, early on the game isn't that much fun. I've yet to try multiplayer, which i've heard is more fun.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – DS – this is a hard to come buy game in the UK now and when I spotted it for £15 I jumped to get it. Graphically the game is amazing, one of the best looking games on the DS. The music is also great. I'm only 6/7 chapters in so far but the story is pretty engaging and the characters fun and unique. Whilst the game has a tutorial, it does throw you in the deep end somewhat, but once you grasp what can be done, the game really becomes enjoyable. There is a demo for this game on the Wii in the Nintendo Channel, but if you have a DS and are looking for something different i'd recommend this game from just the small amount i've played.

So what did everyone else play this week? If you've got any questions about the games i've played or want to comment with the games you've played, please do so in the comments section below.