Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rising Star Games Announce They Are Bringing BIT.TRIP COMPLETE And BIT.TRIP SAGA To The UK

 Rising Star Games have announced they are bringing BIT.TRIP COMPLETE And BIT.TRIP SAGA to the UK in Q1 2012. BIT.TRIP SAGA is set to come to the 3DS and BIT.TRIP COMPLETE is a Wii version.

Both versions come with 6 BIT.TRIP games:
  •  BIT.TRIP Runner
Key features for both games:
  •   All six games in the award-winning BIT.TRIP series in one complete package with 120 completely new BIT.TRIP challenges spanning all six games
  •   New audio gallery with fan remixes, original songs and demo versions of existing BIT.TRIP themes
  •   An image gallery with exclusive production stills, concept art and promo images
  •   A video gallery with more than 25 movies telling the story of CommanderVideo
  •   Six letters to BIT.TRIP fans written by the series’ director
  •   New difficulty modes in all games
  •   Online leaderboards
And BIT.TRIP COMPLETE gets a Original Soundtrack CD featuring music from all 6 games in the series

I have contacted Rising Star Games to see if the 3DS version, SAGA, will be improved over the initial release after concerns were raised in reviews about framerate issues. at present i do not have an answer, but i'll update the post if i get one.

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Fun Bits Interactive Release A Developer Video For Escape Plan Showing Gameplay And Artstyle

Fun Bits Interactive have released a new developer video for Escape Plan. the team is made up of several Ex Fat Princess devs and this video features a couple of them talking about the history of the game, the artstyle, and gameplay. they explain why they went with the Black and White look and how they use the features of the PSV.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Warner Bros. Announce Gotham City Imposters Comes Out 10th January On PSN, PC, And XBLA

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have announced Gotham City Imposters is set to come out on PS3 PSN, Xbox 360 XBLA, and PC on 10th January 2012. they have also announced a open beta for the game is set to go live in December and you can head to to register for their chance to take part in the beta.

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Ubisoft Have Released A New Assassin's Creed Revelations Trailer Showing Constantinople

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Assassin's Creed Revelations. this trailer shows off Constantinople and helps explain some of the political struggles happening in the city. the trailer also briefly explains the assassin's role in the situation.

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