Saturday, April 18, 2009

Game Updates Via PC - @leddy2286 Question

@leddy2286 asked a question on the QTE Twitter feed regarding game updates and why don't sony offer them online via a PC like Sony do with Firmware Updates.
i was having no luck intially trying to get it answered. but once i tried another way, things got itneresting.
to get a answer, i made the question more tempting for Sony. if you enable a firmware update to be available remotely from the PS3, game or firmware, you open up a new possibility. if sony was to work with computer game shops, like Game, this would increase the amount of people going to these shops at a time when sony is doing alot of digital distribution, and therefore taking people out of these shops. so, will sony enable firmware downloads for games remotely from the ps3, and if so why didn't they do it before?

The problem was, the people who i sent this were far more interested in the idea of using computer game shops to offer the firmware, than answering the question as to why they don't currently offer it. they were so interested that they said they had a big discussion in their office and sent it to those who could do something with it. they also told me to send it to another email address, which i did and again they were interested and sent it else where.

So @Leddy2286 i'm sorry i couldn't get a answer to the question. but who knows, your little chat on Twitter might lead to something greater and beneficial to the PS3!