Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Have You Played This Week And Over The Winter Break?

For those who have been following what I play, it should be clear that when I have more than one game to play...i tend to play bits of many games and complete few to none. This was not helped by getting games for Christmas and finding soo many great games in the sale for less than £10. But that's not all, I've joined a mate in sharing PSN names so we both have access to each others PSN Games. So as you can see, i've played lots of games over Christmas but completed none of them apart from getting Platinum Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 – PS3 – Done, i've got all the trophies and have the platinum. This is a great game, i'm glad I had the chance to review it, but now i've done it all I think it's time to put it aside. This does not mean its a bad game, it means after 40-45+ hours I have done it all.

S'plosion Man – Xbox 360 – I've started making my way through the second set of levels now. Its hard but not frustrating hard, it takes a couple of goes before I get it but its fine. I'm not going to sped hours playing this in one go, for me it feels more a play a bit here, a bit there kinda game.

Puzzle Quest 2 – Xbox 360 – I've explored some more of the game, under the foot of the Goblin King, but not made too much progress recently.

Gran Turismo 5 – PS3 – I played some more of the game, finding a Plymouth in the used car section was a great help and after some tuning its become a fun racer.

God Of War Collection: God Of War – PS3 – I have not played the first God Of War Before but I have completed and loved God Of War 2. so far God Of War has been a great game. The game does look upscalled and not perfect and it is a shame the in-game cinematics have not been upscalled. But none of this detracts enough from how good a game it is. The story is good and flows, combat is surprisingly fluid, and overall its very engrossing.

Blur – PS3 – I was in the “Beta” for the game, but a lack of money meant the game passed me by. I got this game for under £10 in the sale and whilst that's a great bargain, its also kinda sad that a game this good ended up in the sale. The way the cars handle takes a slight adjustment to, the tracks are well designed, and the weapons and number of other cars on circuit make it full of action and fun. If its still in the sale I highly recommend getting it.

Bayonetta – Xbox 360 – I Played the demo and never really got into it. This game was appearing on several game of the year lists and I was curious to see I the game is better than the demo. I'm not too far in but safe to say the game is nuts, the story is ridiculous, the introduction is pretty out there, and the combat is full on from the off. So as you can see its pretty good, I just wonder how i'll feel come the end.

Mario Kart Wii – Wii – I've played this with mates and family and its fun in groups. My favourite version has always been the GBA version of the game and I was really put off by the GameCube version. Honestly I would only get this game in the sale and I found it cheap enough to dive in. playing with just he wheel takes a little to get used to. The tracks are ok, nothing amazing as yet. Online works really well and that's where i'm having the most fun. Playing the online in this game, seeing how well its implemented and how good it works with gamers from around the world, does make you wonder why other developers seem to have issues on the Wii.

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom – Wii – I really wanted to play the game with Samurai Pizza Cats, its a fav cartoon of mine. But despite this, the game is simply amazing. It looks stunning, the controls are soo simple, and in my first go I was pulling off combo's and special moves. The cast of characters is staggering and I don't know who half of them are. But playing with the few I recognised was fun. I have not yet tried the online, but even the singleplayer modes are a lot of fun. I got this for Christmas but I know its also in the sales. If you like beat'em ups and you have a Wii, this is simply a must for any collection.

Sonic Colours – Wii – Many people have called this the best Sonic game in nearly a decade. I've played through the first level of the game and from that I join them. The game loads amazingly quick, looks staggering, and the levels are fun with a mix of old school 2-D and 3-D level sections. If I have any complaints its that jumping in the game doesn’t feel quite right and its taken a little longer to get used to the Wisps than I hoped.

Sonic Adventure – PS3 – i've never played the original version, just the DX version on the GameCube. My mate had this game so I thought i'd give it a go. I don't think its aged well and its not been that much fun to play. I never completed the GameCube version and at the moment I don't think i'll complete this version.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX – PS3 – There were soo many people singing this games praises that I couldn't resist getting it in the PSN Sale. I join them in singing the games praises. Its very addictive like Pac-Man Championship Edition but this game has soo much more to offer. Its hard to describe what makes this game soo good. Its really simple, more so than CE,and perhaps that extra level of accessibility coupled with just how good the game naturally is perhaps has made a very good game simply great.

Tetris – PS3 – I like Tetris, mostly just the Marathon mode. This game offers that and i've enjoyed it. This version is very similar to the PlayStation Minis game but with leaderboards and better presentation, which is great all round.

Uno – PS3 – This game is 79p in the PSN Sale, looking past the poor presentation and the pretty useless profile creator, this is a good game of Uno.

Sonic 4: Episode 1 – PS3 – I hoped this would be a good Sonic Game and it kinda is. It takes some time getting used to Sonic being soo big in a 2D Game. The levels are fairly solid and there is a sense of speed. But personally what I wanted the Next 2D Sonic game to be was a HD Sprite style, not this 3D look. I'm not much of a fan of the look of Sonic or some of his animations and unfortunately, for me, it does detract from the game.

Little Big Planet – PS3 – My Mate had the Metal Gear Solid 4 and Pirates Of The Caribbean level packs so I gave them ago. Both are done very well and fit surprisingly well in the Sackboy Universe. I hadn't played Little Big Planet for a while and its still good and has me excited for Little Big Planet 2.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene – PS3 – When this came out on the iPhone, I really wanted to play it. Now its in the PSN sale I jumped at the chance to play it. Much like Pac-Man above, its a simple game with very addictive gameplay. Whilst Pac-Mac has a multitude of levels, Space Invaders Infinity Gene evolves the main character, giving the ship new abilities which change the way you play the game. It also has a level creator that creates levels based on music you have on the PS3. I've used that mode a lot and find it fun and challenging.

Football Manager 2010 – PC – After a brief break, I got back into 2010. I haven't got 2011 and i'm not sure I will. At the moment i'm playing as Juve Stabia in the lowest Italian league. Its fun and