Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Zero Punctuation: House Of The Dead Overkill

New Zero Puncuation this week, and what a shock...a game he likes...on the Wii!!!!!
if you don't belive me, watch and see.

A Stark Difference Of Opinion....At IGN

1 site, 1 game, 2 reviewers, 2 different scores.
IGN UK and US have both reviewed the PSP title Resistance Retribution, and given it 7 and 9.2 respectively. fair to say, the UK review has had it's fair share of criticism.

It may seem strange that one site decided to review a game twice, but it needs to be understood that IGN is a massive company, and a game as big as Resistance Retribution would be reviewed in all the countries IGN is, for example there should be a Australia review for this game to come at some point. but, when there are two reviews so stark from each other, at what point does this multi review system become a farce?

Most review sites will say that they rarely change a score/ re-do a review, but it does happen. internally, they have measures in place to stop a review going out if its surprisingly low, or goes against the popular opinion of the site. so how did this review go out? and why hasn't it been taken down?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and in this case it looks like his opinion was 7.0, but when you read the complaints of the UK article, you can understand why there is such a "uproar" over the review. complaints like, unnecessary comparisons to the PS3, a lack of understanding of features of the PSP (like the save feature when you turn of the game). being honest, with such short fallings of the article, IGN should think about taking the article down and perhaps getting someone else to review the game as i do think the game has not received a fair review. Here are the two review scores, see the difference for yourself. (UK then US)

6.5 Presentation
Cut-scenes are technically very competent, but they’re hampered by a bad script, bad acting, and they last too long.

7.0 Graphics
The game looks as good as anything else on the PSP, but the murky brown palette is a little uninspired.

7.0 Sound
It sometimes sounds tinny, but generally Retribution’s soundtrack is rousing and atmospheric.

7.0 Gameplay
It can feel a little simplistic at times, thanks to the super-powered auto-aim, but there are enough twists and turns to keep things reasonably interesting.

7.0 Lasting Appeal
You can go back and replay unlocked missions for extra skill points and intel, but the real draw is the multiplayer, which is excellent.

    7.0 Decent OVERALL
    (out of 10 / not an average)

9.0 Presentation
The movies, dialogue, and Grayson journals connect you to this character in a way that makes you cheer for him. The setup is a lot like the last Syphon Filter, but it's still great.

7.5 Graphics
The CGI movies look great, but everything else is your standard definition for "good" on the PSP. The scope is big and the enemies are varied, but I never felt impressed.

9.5 Sound
Man, the orchestra is out of this world. When you're battling a gigantic Titan and the music kicks up, you can't help but get excited. The voices are great, too.

9.0 Gameplay
The weapons are fun, the ease of cover is great, and it's a wonderful ride. I wished it could've been more challenging at points, but the online and replay options help that issue.

9.5 Lasting Appeal
There are three ways to play the solo story, Skill Points to unlock, Intel to find, 12 multiplayer ranks to achieve, and 22 multiplayer medals.

That's incredible. 9.2
Outstanding OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)

Any thoughts on this review, or thoughts on sites reviewing the game multiple times?