Sunday, September 13, 2009

QTE Tweets Of The Week

The Following are the most clicked QTE Gamers tweets of the week. the Sponsored post is here on merit and not because of the sponsorship. the Chipmunks post is here completely out of the blue.

10 iPhone: Madden 10 is coming to the App store. it will be discounted for a limited time to $7.99, $9.99 after the sale

9 Wii: Madden 10 sells only 67k units in USA. (ps2 sold 160k) Wii sales "discouraging"

8 More artwork has emerged from the rumoured cancellated Final Fantasy XII game by now defunk Grin studios.

7 QTE Blog Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Movie Tie-In Games Coming To Nintendo Wii And Nintendo DS

6 QTE Blog: Sponsored Post - Domino's UK & Irl have launched the Domino's Pizza Facebook Fanpage

5 iPhone: The Commodore 64 App has been taken down from the App store.

4 Wii: A retailer has apparently told Kotaku that the Wii is getting a price drop in the first week of October.

3 PSPgo: its rumoured Sony is going to announce a slight price reduction for the PSPgo.

2 PS3: Mod Nation Racers Devs chose the PS3 because the PSN is free.

1 Konami have said that there will be a Demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 and it should be out in the next 3 weeks.

What Have You Played This Week?

i haven't played much this week, working on the site has kept me pretty busy this week. But I was able to get through SOS which is a relief....wonder what swapgame is going to send me next.

Football Manager 09PC – Still going strong. I've been playing as San Marino, the club not the nation though they both do share the same name, location and stadium. It's interesting as I don't really try out the Italian leagues much.

SOS: the Final EscapePS2Finished. A little embarrassed by how long it took me to get through it, compared to the actual game time it took, but like I said before, whilst the story is good...the gameplay sure makes it hard to play it...or at least make it welcoming. But it's done. It was a good end to the story, a few twists which was nice. Looking back on it, the lack of music probably was an attempt to make it authentic, the same with the time it takes to play the game as you mostly go from start to finish like you would've in real life. Still, they could've made the sounds of the environment much better. Is it worth playing...probably not. If you want a good story and can live with poor gameplay mechanics and such...then go for it. But for a casual player, I wouldn't recommend it.

Fat Princess – PS3 – just the odd couple of games played. Noticed how I seem to be coming out top a lot. Am I that good, or are the people i'm playing against that bad?

What have you been playing this week? feel free to add your weeks gaming selection in the comments, or comment on my selection for this week