Monday, March 27, 2023

Cloud Monday - Zack Zero - Over an Hour of Gameplay!

Today's Cloud Monday is part 1 of playing the PS3 game Zack Zero on the PlayStation Plus Streaming Service.

This wasn't the game i had planned to play. i had planned to play LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. it was a game i couldn't get to work when the service was PlayStation Now. but this video,, shows that i couldn't get it to work. Zack Zero was chosen because it was a game i could quickly get to to test to see if it worked or not.

And it did work! and i played it for over an hour, too! it was totally unexpected so i really went in knowing nothing about the game or what it was. a lot of the game pleasantly surprised me. it was a little rough in places and somewhat repetitive with, annoyingly, respawning enemies. but i kept on playing as i was, for the most part, enjoying playing it. 

Whilst the game had it's own issues, streaming it was mostly fine. i would guess that there was maybe a 5 minute window where there were some streaming issues. they were noticeable, but they never got in the way of playing the game itself. there were some stream tearing and some macro blocking, but i'd argue that the game's own issues were far more of a distraction than the comparatively brief period of streaming issues.