Friday, May 17, 2013

Guerrilla Games Announce Killzone Mercenary Release Date Has Been Brought Forward To 4th/6th September

Guerrilla Games have announced the release date for the PS Vita game  Killzone Mercenary has been brought forward. the game will now come out across the EU from 4th September. Guerrilla Games have also revealed the 2 pre-order bonuses for the game and they have released a new trailer too. the trailer uses in-game action to show a large variety of weapons  and to highlight that your a mercenary getting paid to kill your targets.


Package 1: Blackjack’s BriefcaseDouble Experience Points boost for 48 hours: All contracts, bonuses and payoffs in Campaign and Multiplayer modes earn you twice the normal XP for two days.
In-Game Cash Bonus: Pick up a new weapon with extra Vektan cash before you even step foot on the battlefield. 

Package 2: ISA M224-A1 Light Machine Gun
A powerhouse of a weapon, with plenty of ammo to get the job done… as long as you don’t require any subtlety in your mission.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

CI Games Announce Alien Fear Is Now Alien Rage, Release New Teaser Trailer And Announce E3 Showing

CI Games have announced Alien Fear is now called Alien Rage. this downloadable PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game is coming out later this year but the game will be showcased at this years E3. Alien Rage is a FPS Shooter that as 21 types of enemies, 8 bosses and a Arcade Style. CI Games have released this new teaser trailer for Alien Rage that hints at gameplay and weapons.

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Men's Room Mayhem Comes Out 21st May In USA On PS Vita, 22nd May Across EU And 23rd May On Android And iOS

Ripstone have revealed the release date and prices for Men's Room Mayhem. the game comes out on PS Vita first, with the USA getting the game on 21st May and EU getting it on 22nd May. the game will cost £1.99 / €2.49 / $1.99, with PlayStation Plus members getting a 50% discount for one month.

Men's Room Mayhem then comes to iOS and Android on 23rd May. here the game will cost £0.69 / €0.89 / $0.99 but it will not come with the Blitz Mode that's included with the Vita version. Blitz Mode and additional locations will cost £0.69 / €0.89 / $0.99.

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System 3 Have Announced Putty Squad, Coming This Summer To PS3, PS Vita, 360, Windows 8, Wii U And 3DS

System 3 have announced a new Putty Squad is coming out this year. celebrating 30 years since the original release on Amiga, this new Putty Squad is coming out this summer across the PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Windows 8 ,Wii U and 3DS.

Game Features:
  • One of retro gaming’s most-loved heroes returns
  • Critically acclaimed platform-adventure
  • Front and Rear Touch Screen used
  • Location-based services used for extra content
  • Plays even better now than it did originally



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Nintendo Have Released A Second Behind The Scenes Look At Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Nintendo have released a second behind the scenes look at Animal Crossing: New Leaf. this video focuses on connectivity. like the previous video, this video also mentions the previous versions of the game, comparing multiplayer and what you could do together in each. the video also shows some of the multiplayer activities and how you can use SpotPass/StreetPass.

Level 5 Have Released A Launch Trailer For Their 3DS eShop Game THE STARSHIP DAMREY

Level 5 have released a launch trailer for their 3DS eShop game THE STARSHIP DAMREY. the video starts with a brief introduction from a couple of developers before moving to show some in-game action. THE STARSHIP DAMREY was previously only released in Japan as part of the GUILD02 collection, but is out now across the EU for ₤7.19..

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Sony Have Released A New PS4 Conversation WIth Developer Video For Blizzards Diablo III

Sony and Blizzard have released the latest Conversation with Developers. this video focuses on the PS4 version of Diablo III. they talk about the new controller and how surprising it was to bring controller support to the console version. they reveal some controls, flicking the right stick is dodge. they also talk about the touch pad, they can make the UI much easier because of it. they talk about how they didn't want to bring a smaller/limited version of the game to PS4, instead by stream lining the controls they were able to bring a version of the game that wasn't simpler/dumb'd down.

Also mentioned is the share button, they reveal they are excited about people being able to create videos on the moves they can pull off or even simple things like sharing some new weapon they have found. you are able to play the game with people on a couch with someone else joining in via online multiplayer also.

Warner Bros. Have Released A Teaser Trailer For Batman: Arkham Origins

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins. this cinematic trailer shows Batman fighting deathstroke.

Square Enix Have Released 18 New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Screenshots

Square Enix have released 18 new screenshots for their upcoming PS3 and PC MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. these screenshots mostly show some in-game environments and towns.