Saturday, September 4, 2010

Namco Bandai Announce Namco Museum Megamix Exclusively For The Nintendo Wii

Namco Bandai have announced Namco Museum Megamix is coming out In November Exclusively on the Nintendo Wii. Namco Museum Megamix comes with 18 ports of Namco arcade games as well as 6 remixed version of Namco Arcade titles. 7 of the games you can expect to see in this collection include:
  • Galaga
  • GROBDA Remix
  • Pac Motos
  • Pac ‘n Roll Remix
  • Rally-X


Press Release

SANTA CLARA, Calif., (Sept. 3, 2010) – Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., today announced the latest installment of their popular Namco Museum series with NAMCO MUSEUM MEGAMIX™.  Exclusively for Wii™, the game features 18 arcade-perfect ports and six special “remixed” versions of classic Namco arcade titles. Swing, shoot, jump, bop and steer through these exciting remakes with 3D graphic enhancements and intuitive motion controls when NAMCO MUSEUM MEGAMIX is released this November.

NAMCO MUSEUM MEGAMIX gives players a new take on classic franchises while staying true to the core gameplay that made them so popular. Each game will deliver a unique experience with updated PAC-MAN® themed graphics and specially designed Wii motion controls that will have gamers of all skill levels wanting to join in on the fun.

Remixed and original arcade games for NAMCO MUSEUM MEGAMIX include:

•    PAC-MAN® – Relive the classic that ignited an absolute arcade sensation.  Collect all the pellets in each maze before getting caught by the ghosts; Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.

•    MAPPY® – Help Mappy the police mouse bring criminal cats to justice.  Mappy must recover all of the stolen goods by outsmarting the cats in their mansion.

•    Galaga® – Prepare for space war!  Players must defend their ship from the unrelenting waves of Galaga forces in this 1981 arcade classic.

•    GROBDA Remix™ – Control PAC-MAN as he takes out enemy tanks through a series of arenas.

•    Pac Motos®– Players control their own PAC-MAN as they attempt to knock other players off a variety of unique arenas.  Tilt the Wii Remote™ to move PAC-MAN, collect power-ups and bash into opponents to be the last PAC-MAN standing.

•    Pac ‘n Roll Remix™ – PAC-MAN is in a hurry and he needs help. Guide PAC-MAN past obstacles with the Wii Remote as he races to the finish line of each stage.

•    Rally-X® – Players must pick up the 10 flags placed around each race track.  Use smoke screens and out-race other players to win.

•    And many more!

NAMCO MUSEUM MEGAMIX will be available this November exclusively for Wii.  For more information about NAMCO MUSEUM MEGAMIX, please visit:


About NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., is a leading interactive entertainment software publisher and developer based in Santa Clara, CA.  The company is a part of the NAMCO BANDAI group of companies known for creating and publishing many of the industry's top video game franchises including the PAC-MAN®, SOULCALIBUR®, NARUTO™ and Tekken® brands.  For more information about NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., and our products log onto

NAMCO MUSEUM MEGAMIX ™&© 2010 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. CUTIE Q™ & ©1979 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  DIG DUG® & ©1982 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  GALAXIAN® & ©1979 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  GAPLUS® & ©1984 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  MAPPY® & ©1983 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  XEVIOUS® & ©1982 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  SUPER “PAC-MAN”® &© 1982 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  PAC-MOTOS® & ©2007 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  GALAGA REMIX™ & ©2007 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  GATOR PANIC REMIX™ & ©2007 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  PAC’N ROLL REMIX™ & ©2007 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  RALLY- X REMIX™ & ©2007 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  PAC&PAL® & ©1983 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  PAC-MANIA® & ©1987 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  PAC-MAN® & ©1980 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  GALAGA® & ©1981 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  DIG DUG®II & ©1985 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  RALLY-X® & ©1980 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  NEW RALLY-X® & ©1981 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  GROBDA® & ©1984 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  MOTOS® & ©1985 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  BOSCONIAN® & ©1981 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. KING&BALLOON® & ©1980 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.  GROBDA REMIX™ & ©2010 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.

Press release © 2010 NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.

Nintendo Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer For Fluidity

Nintendo have released new screenshots and a trailer for their upcoming WiiWare game, Fluidity. the screenshots and trailer are both in-game and reveal Fluidity to be a game where you control water with the WiiMote. the controls are similar to Loco Roco, in that your moving the world and not the water itself, but the game mechanics make use of the properties of water, like being able to turn it into Ice.


Nintendo Have Revealed The Boxart For Kirby's Epic Yarn And Released A New Gameplay Trailer

Nintendo have revealed the boxart for Kirby's Epic Yarn and also released a new gameplay trailer and character art for the game. the trailer shows new in-game footage of Kirby working with a friend to get across levels and defeat enemies.

Character Art

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