Friday, August 18, 2023

Mobile Friday - DC Heroes & Villains: Match 3 - Fun But Feels Like A Work In Progress

For DC Heroes & Villains: Match 3 i'm going to focus on the game i played rather than what it might be like in the future. In my personal experience of playing a similar game like Marvel Puzzle Quest, the game i played could be different to the game now. for example, check out the video i did of the PS4 version of Marvel Puzzle Quest,, and check out what the mobile version of the game is now.

Another reason why i want to make this point is that this game feels like a work in progress. the core ideas, the current gameplay loop is there and it's fairly enjoyable. But, it doesn't quite work with an iPhone with Dynamic Island, there's wasted space, and many things are not clearly explained. I also imagine that some systems, like the various "currency's" may get simplified in the future as it has far too many and none of them are explained how to earn, or buy, them. You'll hear my complaints and suggestions throughout this video and hopefully i'm able to get across my thoughts somewhat clearly.

There is a lot to do in this game, but the main focus is the story mode. I focused on that mode in this video. i tried a couple of the side stuff, but my roster of characters was very small and very under leveled. it almost feels pointless to have been able to access it this early on. The story is clearly much bigger than what i played through in this hour and i'm genuinely curious as to whether the game will have just one story or grow into many. i found it engaging and mostly plausible, but i admit i don't know too much about DC Comics' stories. But the characters where clearly recognisable. they didn't feel too childish nor too extreme.

The frustrating thing is that i was having fun and enjoying myself, but almost in equal measure i was finding it frustrating. what ultimately made this game frustrating and why i stopped the video where i did was that i couldn't workout how to level up my characters. i had taken Batman to level 3 and just couldn't workout what to do next. i wanted him to get stronger, i need him a higher level to get more abilities. But i just couldn't work it out. it ended up being one frustration too many and honestly i haven't played it since. But i haven't deleted it either as it's clear from the version history, in the app store, that it's getting changed and adapted and filled out. so i may come back to it in the future personally, but also as a second look video at all the changes made to the game.

(Version 1.0.18 Played)