Monday, July 3, 2023

Cloud Monday - Rogue Legacy 2 - Part 1 - Enable Super Inputs For A Better Experience.

Today's Cloud Monday is part 1 of playing the newly released Rogue Legacy 2 on PlayStation Plus Premium.

I have played and completed, tho not platinumed, the original game on PS3 and was looking forward to playing the sequel. i know on PC the game was released in early access and built upon until it got it's release. So i had high expectations.

I feel that it mostly met them. it looks amazing and at it's core is the original game that i had soo much fun with. but there's soo much more added content and added accessibility. i also appreciate that it's honest and clearly explains what the options do and some of the negatives of those options.

The only issue i can't work out is whether the controller lag is the game, playing it via the cloud, or a combination of both. it was almost instantly noticeable from the beginning, enough that i had to go into the options and turn on  Enable Super Inputs. whilst this instantly made the game feel better to play, it did add screen tearing and it was noticeable. 

As for streaming, the first few minutes were a little rough with an occasional Macroblocking issue and Stream Tearing. but the rest of the game afterwards was very solid and i'd say i had no further issues with it.