Thursday, May 19, 2011

Microsoft Announce The Xbox 360 System Update Is Now Being Rolled Out, Brings Paypal And New Disc Format

Microsoft have announced they have begun rolling out the new Xbox 360 System update. the update could take a few days to reach people across the world. this update brings Paypal to Xbox Live, and users will be able to link their Paypal accounts. another addition is the ability to play games on the new disc format. The update will also bring a new setting that puts your 360 on standby when idle for a hour. this can be turned off.

Source: Major Nelson

Nintendo Detail The EU Pre-Order Bonus For The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Nintendo have detailed the pre-order bonus for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Those who pre-order in the UK from GAME or Gamestation before The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D comes out on the 17th June will get an exclusive gold package, pictured above. Also included is a double sided A2 poster, shown below.

Source: Nintendo UK

Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Wednesday 18th May

This is all the news From Wednesday 18th May.

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The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Wednesday 18th May

  • QTE Blog: The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Tuesday 17th May
  • QTE Blog: Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Tuesday 17th May
  • Vodafone New Zealand admit they made up the whole story about their Xperia Play shipment being stolen
  • Wii2: video emerges rumoured to show Wii2 and controller. it could be real, most likely not
  • QTE Blog: Sega Have Released A New Trailer For Guardian Heroes
  • 360: Microsoft announce some Xbox 360 consoles, 60G pro, do not work with the new Disc Format coming in firmware update
  • 360: Microsoft are replacing console that don't work with Xbox 360 S + 250G HDD. the error is Disc Unsupported/unreadable
  • 360: Close look at firmware update, Microsoft stops all pirated DVDs from working, new anti piracy, new dev tools + more
  • Starbreeze reveal it was 2K's decision to let Digital Extremes make The Darkness 2, also say they were making other games
  • QTE Blog: Konami Have Released A New Trailer For Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus
  • Android: German group find exploit in Android, could leave 99.7% of handsets vulnerable. Google working on fixes + more
  • 360: German Ratings board has listing for Hole In The Wall Kinect, Microsoft publishing. game not yet announced
  • Atari announce they are looking to sell Cryptic, Cryptic losses for fiscal 2010-2011 are €5.3M
  • QTE Blog: EA Have Released The Intro Cinematic For Alice: Madness Returns
  • PC: NCsoft announce there will be a Guild Wars 2 Beta this year, hint of a 2012 release for the game
  • Superannuation finds An Animators Resume that mentions work on Lego Harry Potter 2, coming to PSP2, 3DS, and DS
  • PSP: Jump Reveals more Final Fantasy Type-0 info, King and Slice revealed. Summons, Ifrit, Golem, Odin. Air Ship + more
  • QTE Blog: Zero Punctuation - Mortal Kombat
  • 3DS: Ace Combat coming, made by Ace Combat PSP team. not clear if its Ace Combat Assault Horizon or something new
  • Take Two shares have hit a 32 month high after the release of L.A. Noire and its high review scores. 4M Sales predicted
  • Soul Calibur devs want 26 characters, mix of old and new. new weapons/armour. game only 10% complete. Coming 2012
  • Ed Boon reveals a DLC character, Skarlet, is coming to Mortal Kombat in next few weeks. free stuff also coming later
  • QTE Blog: 505 Games Announce Naughty Bear Gold For The PS3 And Xbox 360
  • The PSN Password change site had to be taken down after a potential exploit was found. its now been fixed
  • QTE Blog: Insomniac Games Reveal The Boxart For Resistance 3 And Additional Art From Olly Moss
  • PC: Bioshock 2 DLC Minerva's Den is coming out on 31st May for 800 MS Points. available only from Games For Windows Live
  • Hideo Kojima, Tetsuya Nomura, Yoichi Wada, and Yoji Shinkawa had dinner. Kojima asks for a FFVII Remake, wants KH3D now
  • Valve announce they are not showing any of their titles at this years E3. don't say whether Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo will
  • QTE Blog: Capcom Announce Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting Is Coming To iPhone In Japan
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions coming to iPhone late June/Mid July. iPad version coming out afterwards
  • 29.7% of Peak time USA internet downloading is Netflix. of which, 66.26% is from consoles. PS3 top console for Netflix
  • QTE Blog: Natsume Announce They Are Bringing Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny To The USA On Wii And PS3