Monday, July 31, 2023

Cloud Monday - The Ascent - Part 1 - A Near Perfect Streaming Experience From PlayStation Plus

Today's Cloud Monday is part 1 of playing The Ascent from Neon Giant and Curve Digital Publishing. I'm playing this on a launch model Japanese PS4.

Apart from a little hiccup near the end of the video, it was a great streaming experience. if anything, it was the game itself that was causing gameplay issues than it being streamed from the PlayStation Plus Premium service.

The game looks stunning, there's soo much detail in the densely packed environments. even on a PS4.But, the in-game text is simply tiny. there was a moment i had to get out of my chair, go to the screen to try and read it. even right up close, i was guessing what it said rather than knowing. the other noticeable issues with the game were screen tearing, stuttering, and pop-in. but those are minor issues that don't really get in the way of gameplay. the small text got in the way so when i play it again for part 2, i will check to see if there's an in-game menu to make the text bigger.

Playing the game was fun. with the world being so dense, it was easy to get feel a part of it. especially with the UI off in the corners not getting in the way. it's the first game i've played where i've actually felt like i wanted a bigger TV, i currently have a 32 inch, and a PS5 because i wanted to be more immersed in a game world. this first hour was enjoyable and the game's story began to be revealed too. this makes me excited to play it for part 2, and who knows maybe i'll play it more!