Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Halloween Cup 1 Revival - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Halloween Cup 1 Revival! ( 2023/10/23 9:00~2023/10/30 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

This week is the Halloween Cup 1 Revival. i have played this cup before, https://youtu.be/ij3CCf2-zlA. Much like this video, back then i found the gimmick easy to understand and back then it was one of my shorter videos. but also, like today, i didn't play against many other players.

I only played against 1 other human player, even tho i played the same day as last week when there were many other people. i did find the gimmick easy to understand, but trying to do it with a controller is difficult as it feels slow. i was only able to beat the boss a couple of times but regularly got to it. the A.I didn't provide much competition , but the human player in the last couple of rounds did and it was fun to see it decided via the end of game bonuses

This week i played against:
HIROKUN - Rank 76