Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gameloft Have Released A New Trailer For Asphalt 6 On The iPhone

Gameloft have released a new trailer for their upcoming iPhone game, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline. the trailer features lots of gameplay footage of both single and up to 6 player multiplayer. the video also shows that the game has simple tilt controls with a touch to boost.

EA Announce A Dead Space 2 Demo Is Coming On 21st December

EA Have announced a Dead Space 2 Demo is coming is coming to both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 from 21st December. In the demo, you will play as Isaac Clarke whilst he is in the safe Church of Unitology...which suddenly becomes dangerous and deadly and the Necromorphs reach him.

Press Release

GUILDFORD, UK. – December 8, 2010 – Dive into engineer Isaac Clarke’s blood-curdling adventure five weeks before release as Visceral GamesTM, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. today announced a demo for the critically-acclaimed action horror game, Dead SpaceTM2. The demo, available worldwide beginning December 21st, will allow players to discover the Church of Unitology and help Isaac defeat the Necromorph outbreak in a gruesome, unforgiving battle on The Sprawl. Winner of GameSpot’s highly-coveted ‘Best Xbox 360 Game’ of E3 award, Dead Space 2 will deliver the first big blockbuster title of 2011 when the title ships this January.

In the Dead Space 2 demo, players will take engineer Isaac Clarke on a terrifying adventure through the Church of Unitology, an expectedly “safe” place that quickly becomes dangerous and deadly, during the Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl. Players will also have access to a variety of new tools that Isaac can use to fight Necromorphs, including the new Javelin gun, updated stasis recharge mechanic and enhanced telekinesis ability. Players will also experience the advanced suit, equipped with jets that will allow Isaac full 3600 control in Zero-G space.

“The holidays are a great time to enjoy all forms of entertainment, and we can’t wait to give horror and action adventure gamers a taste of what awaits them in Dead Space 2,” said Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of the Dead Space franchise. “Releasing the demo five weeks before launch will not only re-connect players with our hero Isaac Clarke, but will also give them the opportunity to experience firsthand various jaw-dropping scenarios. It’s gonna be awesome”

Dead Space 2 pushes the limits of action, horror and terror. After mysteriously awaking in a sprawling, massive city anchored to one of Saturn’s moons, hero Isaac Clarke again finds himself thrust into the middle of a relentless Necromorph outbreak. Surrounded by the screeching cries of undead monsters and the haunting drum of echoing noises, Isaac plots a course through The Sprawl. Dead Space 2 is set to deliver a truly epic terror experience that will bring the psychological thrills of deep space to a terrifyingly new level.

The Dead Space 2 demo will be available for download December 21 on Xbox LIVETM Marketplace Worldwide and the PlayStation®Network in North America. The demo will be available December 22 on PlayStation®Network in Europe. Dead Space 2 will be available on Jan. 28, 2011 for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system and the PC. For additional information and news, visit, follow us on twitter or become a fan on Facebook at

About Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, the Company develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for video game systems, personal computers, wireless devices and the Internet. Electronic Arts markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTSTM, EATM, EA MobileTM and POGOTM. In fiscal 2010, EA posted GAAP net revenue of $3.7 billion and had 27 titles that sold more than one million units. EA's homepage and online game site is . More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

EA, EA SPORTS, EA Mobile, POGO, Dead Space and Visceral Games are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. “PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Xbox 360 and Xbox Live are trademarks of the Microsoft Group of companies.

Capcom Have Released 2 New Gameplay Videos For Ghost Trick Phantom Detective

Capcom have released 2 new gameplay videos for Ghost Trick Phantom Detective, an upcoming Nintendo DS Game. both trailers show the different ways in which your spirit can interact with objects, which in turn causes people in the world to re-act different to what they normally would.

Sony Online Entertainment Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer For Qlione Evolve

Sony Online Entertainment have released new screenshots and a trailer for Qlione Evolve. both show in-game action, with the trailer also detailing the games main features.


New Zero Punctuation - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

This weeks Zero Punctuation is on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Yahtzee didn't mind the previous game, but does all the side stuff in this game detract from what he thought was cool, or was the addition of multiplayer enough for him to like it all over again?

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This Weeks UK PSP Digital Comic Store Update

Sony's EU Playstation Blog has detailed the comics coming out today on the Digital Comic Store. There doesn't appear to be any free comics this week, but the blog says there are 50 comics coming out. there are also a couple of bundles released this week.

2000AD Prog #1709 2000AD
Bone #8 Cartoon Books
Dead Run #1-#4 BOOM! Studios
Dungeons & Dragons #1 IDW
Ex Machina #12 DC Comics
Fables #36 DC Comics
The Flash: Rebirth #2 DC Comics
God of War #4 DC Comics
Green Lantern #18 DC Comics
Green Lantern Corps #5 DC Comics
Incognito: Bad Influences (2010) #1 Icon
Invincible Iron Man (2008) #3-#7 Marvel
JLA #23 & #24 DC Comics
Justice League: Generation Lost #15 DC Comics
Kane & Lynch #3 DC Comics
NYX (2003) #1-#4 Marvel
Planetary #20 DC Comics
Powers (2004) #4-#6 Icon
RASL #8 Cartoon Books
Ratchet & Clank #2 DC Comics
Sandman #13 DC Comics
Smoke & Mirror #6 Markosia
Star Trek: Khan: Ruling in Hell #2 IDW
Superman/Batman #40 DC Comics
Supernatural: Origins #2 Marvel
Transformers #13 IDW
True Blood #5 IDW
Turkey Grove Farms #4 Markosia
Wolverine Origins (2006) #2-#6 Marvel
Wonder Woman Vol.3 #12 DC Comics
Y: The Last Man #19 DC Comics

RASL: The Drift Cartoon Books
RASL: The Fire of St George Cartoon Books

From EU Playstation Blog

Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Tuesday 7th December

This is all the news from Tuesday 7th December

You can subscribe to the Hit X: The News Recapping Podcast on iTunes and if you do or are already a subscriber, it would be very helpful for me if you can rate and review the podcast.

A podcast is available on iTunes from:

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And on Re-Cap

The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Tuesday 7th December

  • QTE Blog: The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Monday 6th December
  • QTE Blog: Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Monday 6th December
  • iPad: its rumoured Foxconn will start shipping the iPad 2 in February in time for an April launch
  • PC: Team Meat announce Super Meat Boy will get a limited Boxed PC Release and reveal its epic Boxart
  • QTE Blog: Sony Announce PS3 Firmware Update 3.55 And Its Out Now
  • PS3: Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.03 released, comes in at 149 MB. damage options added in Lounge not single/arcade modes
  • A Show reel from animator Hanjin Song has been found showing early gameplay footage of Raven's James Bond Game
  • THQ CEO Brian Farrell suggests the videogame industry is healthier than what software sales show
  • QTE Blog: Sony Announce echochrome ii Comes Out On 21st December
  • PSP: Square Enix announce The 3rd Birthday and Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy are coming to the EU in Spring 2011
  • Research of UK Retailers shows that 73% of them are not convinced 3D will be big in 2011, 23% are convinced
  • QTE Blog: EA Have Released A New Darkspore Trailer Showing 4 Player Co-Op
  • Sony Online Entertainment 's John Smedley admits The agency needed alot of work, has been delayed until 2nd half 2011
  • BioWare's latest clue for their upcoming game reveal is a Red Herring...literally
  • DS: Renegade Kid's announce their next game is ATV Wild Ride. 24 tracks, 4 player multiplayer, 60 fps + more
  • Chrome: Google reveal the Chrome OS, first Chrome Laptop is the Cr-48, coming middle of 2011
  • PSP2: rumoured, convex analogue sticks, no UMD, rear touch panel, front/back cameras, PS3 level graphics+half as powerful
  • PS3: MAG update 2.10 out now, in-game screenshots added, queue several game modes simultaneously, new Xp bonuses
  • Tomb Raider Lara Croft Reborn details leaked, brand reboot, open world exploration, ability upgrades, crafting, survive
  • EA CEO John Riccitiello says Blu-ray is starting to "resonate" with gamers, lack of multiple discs a plus for it
  • PS3: Kaz Yamauchi reveals they are working on a patch to allow the sharing with friends of user created courses
  • PS3: SNK Playmore announce Neo Geo Station. Emulated Neo Geo games coming to PSP and PS3 from 21st December
  • QTE Blog: D3Publisher Have Released A New Wii Trailer For Yogi Bear: The Videogame
  • PC: it took just 6 hours of World of Warcraft Cataclysm being live in the EU for a gamer to reach level 85