Sunday, July 16, 2023

Switch Funday - Splatoon 3 - Ice Cream Tricolor - 12 Games and 3 Wins - Many Disconnections!

Welcome to Switch Funday!

This weekend is the Ice Cream Splatfest. Yesterday, Saturday, was the first day and i got in 13 games with 7 wins Today was the Tricolor event and it didn't go as well.

Today's big highlight was the poor internet connection. i had 3 matches disconnect, several disconnections from the lobby, and longer waiting times than normal. it was probably the worst since the first month or so.

Tricolor is always harder than the normal Turfwar event. and it really showed across these 12 matches. there were some big losses both when my team was attacking and when we were defending. we got in 3 wins, but i wouldn't say either of them were as big as some of the losses we had. what was fun was that in the last match my teammate and i nearly got the best score as attackers but right at the end the other attacking team just beat us to the best score. What was a little strange is that i didn't feel as comfortable with any weapon i used unlike yesterday. this is probably due to the stage the Tricolor event was taking place on.

After playing across these two days, i feel that Vanilla will be the winning team.