Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

I'll admit I have A Nintendo 3DS. Its a bit early to say some deep thoughts on it, but I will say that so far the 3D does work but the viewing angle is small. I'm moving from a DS to a 3DS so for me its great to get the thing online and I like the new home screen, which is customisable! I hope to write up some more in-depth impressions during the week. Hopefully there'll be someone around for SpotPass to work!

Football Manager 2010 – PC – Well I've now got Havant & Waterlooville to League 1. stadium is still tiny and its hampering the amount of money I bring in. this means i'm regularly having to get players in on free and sell them to help balance the books.

Pokèmon White – DS – I'm now over 31 hours in and i've beaten the Electric Gym. My Pokèdex says i've seen/caught 88 Pokèmon. Not much more to say this week. Its still fun, still engaging, and all the new Pokèmon make it interesting trying to balance a squad and to remember their names.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX – PS3 – I've reached and completed Championship I stage. Its a good game to pick up and play for a little bit at a time.

Blur – PS3 – I Dived in and put a few hours in. i've had issues connecting to the online servers, but once i'm connected finding an online race has been fine. There are still competitive people playing the game. The single player career difficulty is just right and i'm enjoying progressing in that. I am having some issue trying to complete the vs challenges though.

Ridge Racer 3D – 3DS – Yep that is a 3DS game which means I do have one myself. This is actually a good game. The trailers and screenshots i've seen do not give this game justice, it looks a lot better. The 3D effect is good and is used in several different ways. The controls are solid. The only issue is the amount of menus you have to get through to get into a race and the loading times. Some of the menus could be made clearer too as its not that clear what's being used for Street Pass. But as a launch game, there is plenty to do here and for me personally it is the best launch game for the system.

Split Second – PS3 – I played through the first season in the game. So far the racing has been fun and frantic, if a little easy. It'll be interesting to see how the difficulty increases and I hope to get some multiplayer races in next week.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma – PS3 – This was this weeks rented game. Unfortunately after just a few hours I took it out of the system and put it back in its envelope. I just found it too hard. It was taking a long time to get through each section and ultimately I just wasn't having fun. For me there was little to no reward for pushing through the game. It just wasn't for me. It looks great but it's controls felt a little laggy and the camera can be a pain. It requires more skill than God Of War and Darkstalkers, but it still felt like a solid game, I just didn't have fun.