Saturday, December 24, 2022

Online Saturday - Pac-Man 99 - 45 Minutes of Gameplay

For this weeks Online Saturday, i wanted to give Pac-Man 99 another try. I saw i had it on my switch, when i was getting Tetris 99 ready, and i had genuinely forgotten i had it. i hadn't played it since it came out.

So for this video, i just wanted to try it out. i had some vague memories about it, memories like it being complicated or confusing. But they were vague so i mostly went in not knowing what to expect.

after 45 minutes i decided to call it a day and i had a good time with the game. i'd go so far as to say that the worst experience i had with it was actually the controller! the game uses the D-pad for directions and in each battle i did, i had an issue with it. the game does have 8 different options to choose from, 4 on each the left analogue stick and right buttons, and i did find them confusing and just stuck with a combination that seem to work well with my play style. it's possible that there were better combinations out there for me, but seeing as none of them were explained in game i didn't experiment too much.