Thursday, August 6, 2009

UK PSN Update 06/08/09

PS3 Games
TV Show King [£7.99]
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic [£7.99]
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic – Time Savers Pack [£1.19]
Call Of Duty: World At War – Map Pack 3 [£7.99]
Savage Moon – Waldgeist Pack [£3.19]
Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood – Old West Pack [£7.99]
Little Big Planet – inFamous Costume [£1.59]
Dynasty Warriors 6 – Additional Music Set 3 [Free]
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 – Cog Hill & CC [£3.19 until 12/08/2009]

Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic
Batman Arkham Asylum

Guitar Hero - World Tour
“Camels Night Out” by Eric Johnson [£1.59]

Rock Band
Spinal Tap's Tap Ten Album [£8.99]
"Hell Hole" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]
"Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]
"Heavy Duty" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]
"Rock and Roll Creation" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]
"America" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]
"Cups and Cakes" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]
"Big Bottom" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]
"(Funky) Sex Farm" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]
"Stonehenge" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]
"Gimme Some Money" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]
"(Listen to the) Flower People (Reggae Style)" by Spinal Tap [£0.99]

Gran Turismo PSP
Battlefield 1943 Launch Trailer

Topatoi – Wallpaper 1
Topatoi – Wallpaper 2
Topatoi – Wallpaper 3


PS1 Classic

Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest [£15.99]
Rock Band Unplugged - “Had A Dad” by Jane's Addiction[£0.99]

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • iPhone: Namco is thinking about bringing Soul Calibur and Tekken to iPhone, working out how to control them.

  • PC: Valve have got the top Team Fortress 2 players in a closed Beta working on tweaks to the game.

  • PS3:Final Fantasy IXV race names are,Hyuran, Lalafell, Elzen, Miqo'te,Roegadyn. jobs are Fighter,Sorcerer,Crafter,Gatherer

  • PC: A lifetime subscription to Champions Online will cost £120/$200. subscribers get Beta access to Star Trek Online.

  • Wii: Monster Hunter 3 receives a perfect review in Famitsu, all 10's.

  • PS3:Final Fantasy XIV race names are,Hyuran, Lalafell, Elzen, Miqo'te,Roegadyn. jobs are Fighter,Sorcerer,Crafter,Gatherer

  • PSPgo could be getting a price cut, or a model with smaller HDD. there could be a secret announcement coming also.

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • EA profits on Wii were $161M, The PC was $124M, The PS3 was $121M, The 360 was $73M, The PSP was $38M and the DS was $28M.

  • 360: The Xbox 360 Pro Model is rumoured to be discontinued very soon, with just the Elite and Arcade being sold in future.

  • QTE Blog: Frank Lampard, Theo Walcott and Wayne Rooney Are The Faces Of FIFA 10 In The UK

  • PC: Championship Manager 2010 is set for a September 11th release. a Demo is coming August 14th.

  • Guitar Hero 5 Rockfest multiplayer features a Playlist ability so different modes can be played one after each other.

  • QTE Blog: NEw FIFA 10 PC Developer Blog Discussing Improvements To The Gameplay Engine

  • PS3: Possible PSN update coming August 18th bringing PC checking of trophies and friends and 90day Free Warranty increase

  • PC: EVE Online Dev's have trademarked DUST 514. nothing else is known at present.

  • PS3: The Original soundtrack to Fl0w could be coming out soon.

  • Wii: Monster Hunter 3 has sold over 583,000 games in Japan in only 2 days.

  • QTE Blog: New Super Monkey Ball Step And Roll Screenshots

  • QTE Blog: Activision Confim A Nintendo Wii Release Of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare As Call Of Duty: Modern Warfar...

  • PS3: Zen Studio's are teasing an announcement set for tomorrow with a Logo that looks like Zen Pinball and Street Fighter.

  • QTE Blog: Halo Legends Comic Con Pictures

  • HD versions of EA's Grand Slam Tennis have been delayed to possibly Spring 2010.

  • Wii: Hudson have annoucned a new game called The Shadow Empire. 30% complete, 2.5D, move over shadows. ICO Visual Style

  • PS3: Sony has trademarked "P.S. Thanks" as an "Incentive rewards program" for "top consumer base"

  • PSP: Atlus have provided Joystiq with a 7 minute video for Persona.

  • QTE Blog: New Zero Punctuation - Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

  • QTE Blog: Microsoft Details The Upcoming Xbox 360 Update

  • PC: A Banner Ad on Star Trek Online maybe teasing the Mirror Universe.

  • QTE Blog: New MX vs ATV Reflex Trailer Showing Rider Controls

  • Wii: Wii Sports Resort has sold over 500k Units in USA.

  • PC: Starcraft II has officially been delayed to the first half of 2010.

  • Warner got the trademarks for Badlands, Defender, Sinistar, Joust, and Spy Hunter from Midway.

  • PSP: Persona will get a simultaneous PSN release on September 22nd. both versions have a MSRP of $39.99.

  • PS3: Insomniac has revealed the Boxart for the UK release of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.

  • PSPgo: The USA release is rumoured to come with a RockBand Unplugged voucher at BestBuy.

  • Capcom have teased, Via Twitter, a game sequel that will "BLOW YOUR MIND", But we'll find out much later.

  • PS3: Some pictures have emerged showing some Environments from Final Fantasy XIV

  • Sony are brining God of War III, Heavy Rain, MAG, Eye Pet, White Knight Chronicles, and lots of PSN Games to GamesCon.

  • QTE Blog: Sponsored Post - Twice The Fun - Domino’s Launches Two ForTuesday

  • Wii: Gameplay Footage has emerged for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Go For it! Light Adventure Squad. its in Japanese tho.

  • Singularity has been delayed until the first quarter of 2010. Activision say its to avoid competitive titles.

  • Tony Hawk Ride will only come out in the USA, UK and Germany this Year. other territories get it 2010.

  • Call of Duty 4 has sold close to 14 Million Units so far.

  • Activision have announced that new Spider-Man and James Bond games are expected to be released in the next calendar year.

  • QTE Blog: Sony Online Entertainment Have Announced the 11th Expansion For PoxNora As Broodcall

  • The track list for Guitar Hero Van Halen has been released. it is set for a December 22nd release.

  • Red Faction update hits 360's August 6th at 4AM PT. PS3 update expected during PSN update. Double EXP this weekend

  • QTE Blog: Xbox 360 Games On Demand Demonstration Video