Friday, April 14, 2023

Mobile Friday - MementoMori - A Well Crafted, Beautiful, First 55 Minutes

Mobile Friday this week is MementoMori: AFK RPG, a game that's out across iOS and Android app stores and PC by Bank of Innovation.

I've had this game on my phone for a while now. on the iOS app store, i thought it had a really interesting art style and the combination of an RPG and an idle game was really interesting. But i don't really remember ever seeing this game topping the game charts. it's possible it did when it first came out, but not recently.

This game has possibly the most impressive opening hour, or so, that i have experienced since i started this Mobile Friday series. it is seriously impressive, some games don't even come close to pulling off what MementoMori has achieved. This game managed to have a good tutorial, tell a strong back story, introduce characters, integrate game mechanics in to it's game world, all whilst being able to progress the story and add new stuff along the way.

It's also clever in that it blocks off parts of the game. instead of everything being available from the beginning, it blocks parts off until you progress and then it explains each new feature as you use it. For some it could feel a little too hand holdy, but i do feel it's the right thing to do as it helps to focus on what's important, the story.

This is a game i won't be deleting, i hope to play it on and off for a while yet. i'm genuinely impressed how well the opening hour or so has been managed so that it delivers one of the best first impressions a mobile game has ever made.