Sunday, November 27, 2022

Pokémon Violet - The Ninth Part - My First Victory Against Team Star and Exploring Cascarrafa City

This ninth part is a more focused and shorter video than some recent ones. My main goal was to defeat my first Team Star Base. Everything else would be a bonus.

I had tried to do Team Star before in my sixth video,, but found i was under levelled for the grunt outside it so i didn't try doing it. So, going into this one i wasn't exactly sure how it would work. It didn't go too smoothly, i felt like the "lock on" aspect of telling your Pokemon to attack didn't work that well. but i was impressed by the huge space inside. it's just, it seemed like a waste. when it was over and i could explore, it was mostly empty inside with little to find and nothing to catch. i won't pass judgement on it yet until i've done another one or two, but whilst it's a nice part of the story in terms of gameplay it kinda felt somewhat hollow.

The next city up the road is Cascarrafa City and no one made any mention to the Team Star shenanigans that were happening or that they were even defeated. i did get to see some new Pokémon and when i made a quick dash into the desert i was surprised to see a Larvesta and quickly caught it. As for the city, it's certainly big and looks great but like the others there's little to do inside. At least the gym leader running away as i approached was a fun little twist to the story. at least i know what i'll be doing in Part 10!

Pokémon Violet - The Eighth Part - Getting to and Defeating the Wind Titan Bombirdier

In today's Pokémon Violet video, the task was simple. Get to the Titan. But because of how i play the game, it took a lot longer than i expected. 

Some of the extra time was because i thought i was being clever by trying to avoid the falling boulders, i thought that by going round the back it would be a shortcut to the top. Nope.

But fighting the Titan wasn't an issue. Even tho it was a Pokémon i hadn't seen before and knew nothing about, my leading Pokémon Wattrel was more than enough to deal with it.

There weren't too many other surprises along the way. I'd say the level 50 Jolteon was maybe the biggest. Thankfully i was able to run away from that battle. The other big surprise was finding a Tera Lokix. it was a Pokémon that i hadn't seen yet, tho i do have a Nymble and have been levelling it up, so to see it shining gold was a surprise.