Thursday, November 24, 2022

Pokémon Violet - The Sixth Part - Where I Discover I'm Under Levelled

This is the part where my progress in the game came to a halt. I didn't see it coming, but in reality, i should've noticed it was happening. I was under levelled and had to change my plans.

The video starts with a Black Tauros sweeping my team! My luck doesn't get much better. i head to the Team Star Base nearby and barely beat the grunt outside! I try to level up around that area, but everything is just a bit too high ... so i end the video by changing my plans.

I'm not frustrated by this. i think Sword and Shield were easy Pokémon games and i've been treating this game the same way. So it having a somewhat higher than expected difficulty level is a nice surprise. it's also good that the game world and story are big enough so i can change my plans, so i can go and do something else. This set's up Part 7 as possibly something really quite interesting.

I do get a couple of Pokémon Evolutions, the most surprising being Clodsire. i suspect i got it because it levelled up in rain, but i haven't checked it out to see if i'm right. i also gave some raids a go and surprise trade.