Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rising Star Games Have Released A New Game Trailer For King Of Fighters XIII

Rising Star Games have released a new game trailer for King Of Fighters. i should point out that previous posts about this game revolved around Atlus. they are publishing this game in the USA whilst Rising Star Games are publishing it in the UK. the developers of the game are SNK Playmore. this trailer is different to other trailers as it highlights features of the game and shows new in-game action.

Watch King Of Fighters XIII - Trailer in Tech & Gaming | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Sony Announce Sucker Punch Have Become Sony's 16th Studio After Joinging Sony Worldwide Studios

Sony have announced they have acquired Sucker Punch, making them the 16th studio to join Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. Sucker Punch have been making games for Playstation consoles for 12 years and now they have become a first party studio.

Source: USA Playstation Blog

Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Monday 1st August

This is all the news From Monday 1st August.

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The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Monday 18th July

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  • Japan Console Charts, 3DS 31.826, PSP 26.854, PS3 23.343, Wii 14.117, DSiLL 5.258, DSi 4.921, Xbox 360 1.546, PS2 1.475 http://ht.ly/5RYWq
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  • PC: A FAQ from Blizzard reveals Mods are prohibited from Diablo III http://ht.ly/5RZ0L
  • 3DS: Namco Bandai confirm Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions users cannot delete their save data, don't say why they did it http://ht.ly/5RZ4h
  • QTE News: Konami Have Released A New PES 2012 Video Showing One On Ones And Reveal The Game Comes Out 14th October http://ow.ly/1e36KG
  • A Nintendo Q/A has revealed they plan to allow DLC for 3DS and Wii U games. 3DS System will be online end of this year http://ht.ly/5RZ7j
  • Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition will get patched at the end of the year, brings new balance tweaks http://ht.ly/5RZ9I
  • From Software have delayed Armored Core V Release date to January 2012, say changes being made after Beta test http://ht.ly/5Sole
  • 3DS: Satoru Iwata reveals an update, or more, is coming to Mii Plaza. brings new mini games and functionality http://ht.ly/5SoUV
  • Capcom announce Breath of Fire 4 is coming to the USA PSN as a PS1 Classic on 16th August, avatars also coming http://ht.ly/5SpEO
  • Takeshi Miyaji, designer behind Silpheed and Grandia, has died aged 45. http://ht.ly/5Sqxq
  • PSV: Icon Games reveal Sony have sent them a Dev kit for free, say Sony get indie devs, say PSV is sweet http://ht.ly/5SqB9
  • PC: Blizzard announce Diablo 3 will require a constant online connection, game cannot be played offline http://ht.ly/5SqDC
  • 3DS: Yoshinori Ono reveals more Street Fighter could come, say they're discussing SSF:AE/ SFxT http://ht.ly/5SqJT
  • QTE News: Sony Announce USA And Japan PS1 Games Are Coming To EU PSN Stores http://ow.ly/1e3kJ6