Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nintendo Announce Tetris On The 3DS Comes Out In The USA On 2nd October And 21st October In The UK

Nintendo have announced the release dates for the upcoming 3DS Tetris Game. Tetris Axis, as it is known in the USA, is set to come out their on 2nd October. Tetris, as it is known in the EU, will come out across Europe from 21st October.

Tetris comes with over 20 game modes, including traditional modes like Marathon and new additions like the Augmented Reality Modes. the game supports local multiplayer for up to 8 people, this can also be done with other 3DS owners downloading the game from a single user. There are World Battle and Friend Battle modes for online multiplayer.

Spot Pass is used to bring new items to Tetris for use in the games Fever Mode. you can import pictures from your 3DS, or use those in the game, for Jigsaw Mode.

Source: Nintendo UK

Zero Punctuation - Dead Island

This weeks Zero Punctuation is on Dead Island. Yathzee is not known for being a fan of Zombie games, especially when there are several out there, but does this game stand out from the crowd...and if it does is it for the right reasons?

Warner Bros. And Rocksteady Announce Batman: Arkham City Comes To PC's In November

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have announced the PC version of Batman: Arkham City is set to come out in November. the console versions are still on track to come out on 21st October, in the UK.

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Sega Have Released New Screenshots For Sonic Generations On The 3DS

Sega have released new screenshots for Sonic Generations on the 3DS. these in-game screenshots show action from both Sonics from the first Stage of the game, Green Hill Zone.


Capcom Have Released A New Trailer And Gameplay Video For Resident Evil 4 HD

Capcom have released 2 new videos for Resident Evil 4 HD. the first video is a general trailer for the game and the second video is a gameplay video.
Watch Resident Evil 4 HD - Launch Trailer in Tech & Gaming | View More Free Videos Online at
Watch Resident Evil 4 HD - Gameplay Video in Tech & Gaming | View More Free Videos Online at

Activision Have Released 3 New Trailers For X-Men: Destiny Showing Mutant Powers

Activision have released 3 new trailers for X-Men: Destiny. each of these trailers shows the games 3 playable characters with a certain mutant power. The first power is that of Emma Frost.

Watch X-Men Destiny - Emma Frost Power Trailer in Tech & Gaming | View More Free Videos Online at
This trailer shows Juggernaut mutant powers

Watch X-Men Destiny - Juggernaut Power Trailer in Tech & Gaming | View More Free Videos Online at
This trailer shows Havok mutany powers

Watch X-Men Destiny -Havok Power Trailer in Tech & Gaming | View More Free Videos Online at

Sega Have Released A New Gameplay Video For Aliens Infestation

Sega have released a new trailer for Aliens Infestation. this gameplay trailer mostly shows the player killing various Aliens either on foot or in a vehicle.

Watch Aliens Infestation - Gameplay Video in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Team 17 Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer Showing Customising In Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Team 17 have released new screenshots and a trailer for Worms Ultimate Mayhem. these provide a glimpse of the customisation options in the game. there are over 100 items you can use to customise your worm with, your able to customise game modes, and you are also able to make further game style adjustments with the Wormpot Feautre which has over 1 Million possible combinations. Worms Ultimate Mayhem also comes with a Weapon factory where users can design their own weapons, the example in the trailer is when a plane drops eye bombs.

Watch Worms Ultimate Mayhem - Customisation Trailer in Tech & Gaming  |  View More Free Videos Online at


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