Friday, December 8, 2023

Mobile Friday - METRIA The Starlight - Frequent Loading Interrupts An Interesting Story

For Mobile Friday this week is i tried out METRIA The Starlight on my iPhone 14 Pro. This game from Asobimo is also out on Android.

My fears with it's small file size were true as there was a further 738MB once the game is opened. Whilst that isn't a surprise, with many other RPG's seemingly doing the same, what was a surprise were the frequent loading screens. i can't remember a game i've played that has needed to do as much loading as this game does.

An hour isn't really enough to judge the story of this game as i feel like it hadn't got going. Some interesting things had happened and others had been teased, but an hour isn't long enough for this game to judge whether the pace of the story is slow in general or just slow at the start because they have to do tutorials and character introductions. Both are handled well in the hour i played.

I was genuinely surprised when the game introduced two gatcha mechanics completely out of the blue and then never went on to give an in-game universe explanation for them. this game also seems to clutter the screen more than other games i've played. the right side of the screen had a lot of buttons i could press. most of it is accessible, but they started to get in the way of camera controls as a few times i pressed a button instead of moving the camera. I don't remember if it's possible to move the buttons to the left side for left handed players.

(Version 1.1.0 Played)