Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Did You Play This Week?

Wow, where did that week go? I didn't end up playing much this week. One game I forgot to mention playing last week is Football Manager 2012.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales – DS

as I revealed last week i'm currently renting this game. I didn't get too much further in the game, completing a couple of extra books. I'm currently a bit stuck on one of the mini-games, its annoying as it really does take you out of the experience. There have been a couple of mini-games that i've found difficult, but this is the first i've left and moved on from. I don't know if i'll be able to continue the game or have to go back to unlock more things.

Football Manager 2012 - PC

I got this game via Steam when it first came out. Until then, I had previously been playing Football Manager 2012. when I play a new Football Manager I start off with FC Bayern Munich, I find they have a solid squad and let me experiment with new plays and get used to the game without being sacked quickly. I'm a few years in into my game and enjoying it. It took sometime adjusting to 2012 after playing 2010, and that's one of the reasons why i've taken my time and not got more years in.

Eufloria – PS3

I had played the demo for this game a while back. I enjoyed it but didn't end up getting it. Now the game is on sale on the PSN I jumped at the chance to buy it. I've done the first 10 of so levels, including the tutorial, and i'm really enjoying myself. Graphically, the artsyle is simple and effective. Its clear what everything is and it looks great on TV. The music is also simple and effective, though I personally think it may repeat itself just a bit too much. Initially the controls may seem a bit complicated, but after the tutorial it becomes clear how simple it is to control.

The idea is simple, you are a type of flower and you have to colonise other barren spaces. Each space has its own properties, its these properties that determine your flowers. More speed is more streamlined, more power is more robust. Some lands have other flowers on them. Its then up to you to defeat them and colonise. As you play there are “Artefacts” to collect. These slightly change the music as you play. Some games just take a few minutes but some can last 30 minutes, but the key part so far is that if you get a stalemate your able to change your tactics. If this sounds the least bit interesting, I highly recommend playing the demo for the game.