Friday, April 24, 2009

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • Wii: a new Video channel is going live May 1st in Japan. offers cartoons and programs. able to rate the shows

  • 360: a event in japan showcased loads of new titles for the 360, in Japan. hit the link for a montage of them.

  • Codemasters announce that F1 racing 2009 won't hit HD consoles this year. PSP and Wii versions set for this year.

  • PS3: EA Sports Complex has been opened in Home. Mini Games, teasers, trailers and Poker are now live.

  • PS3: Star Ocean - The Last Hope is rumored to have lost it's 360 exclusivity after a shows a PS3 version.

  • PS3: Star Trek Uniforms are now Available in Home for Free.

  • 360: New screens and news on Star Trek D.A.C. $10, play as either Starfleet or Romulans, 3 game modes, and more

  • More Final Fantasy XIII details emerge. hit the link for how the game differs from the Demo, at least 18 ways!

  • PS3: There's is going to be a "Electrifying announcement" made on April 27th. may involve Uncharted 2 + inFamous.

  • PS3: Noby Noby Boy Multiplayer and Video detailed. if Player 1 eats Player 2's rear, they both control Boy

  • Bayonetta has been given a M rating, ESRB gave Violence, torture attacks, suggestive themes and language and more