Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

What have you guys/gals played this week?
Feel free to add your thought about it, like whether you enjoyed it, had a frustrating time, as it would be interesting to know. for example, this week i've played...

Killzone 2 – PS3-Still no touched the single player yet! I can't pry myself away from the multiplayer. Slowly moving up the ranks, still having fun. What's good is now, the people ranked highly are playing very well, the matches are hard/challenging and fun.

God Of War 2
– PS2/PS3 – Found a old save on my PS3, so thought i'd finish it. It is really tough, the save was near the end of the game. I admit I died repeatedly and in certain places I got really frustrated, but I was soo happy when I finished it. It still is good, looks good, plays brilliant...and a interesting story plot at the end. Really looking forward to the third one now.

Ratchet And Clank
– PS2/PS3- I made some real progress until my PS3 was unable to load the save file. If I had to guess it is because the disc was used when I got it and that could have a bearing, still disappointed though. I was really enjoying the story and getting into it when it failed to load.

Football Manager 09
- PC- I've been playing these games since Championship Manager 3 and just have a love for them. I'm currently playing with AFC Wimbledon near the end of my first season, top of the league of course.

Noby Noby Boy
– PS3 - I did my bit for Girl this week, as well as getting the final trophies for the game. My concern now is, without the goals of the trophies I don't really know what to do with it. The only thing left is to get girl to Mars, but I doubt i'll be playing it much more.

Peggle – Xbox360 – Yep, this is the game that broke my 360. I played maybe 5 minutes of a level before it all died. Annoyed at dead 360, annoyed that I can't play the game.

Unreal 3
– PS3 – I downloaded the massive patch for the game to see what changes had been made. I hadn't played it for ages, and I was impressed by how good it still looks and plays, I had some real fun playing it again. Hopefully I can get some online matches and get through the story again (trophies are not to do it all again)