Monday, October 24, 2022

Cloud Monday - Lost Planet - Part 1 - A Rough Streaming Experience

In today's Cloud Monday, I'm playing the PS3 version of Lost Planet. I play through to the start of the second mission, so for about an hour. I had previously played a lot of the multiplayer on Xbox 360, so some parts of the experience were familiar. But it was soo long ago that for the most part i was relearning about it.

As for the streaming experience, well the title says it all. this was the most demanding game for a streaming service i've played so far. this includes for me personally when it was PlayStation Now. Throughout the video you'll see macro blocking and other similar errors. for the most part it's annoying at worst. but there are times when it impacts the gameplay. But, that could just be due to internet conditions today. so, to give it a fair go, i'll do another mission or two next week and talk about if there are any differences between the two experiences with the game.