Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Backlog Conquering - RiME - Part 7 - The Final Part

In part 6,, i got stuck on a puzzle for around 30 minutes. if i solved it much sooner, i might've finished the game in that session. But as i didn't, i went into part 7 not really knowing how much of the game was left to play, and yet feeling like i was near the end of the game, that i was near the top of the tower i had been working my way up.

So part 7 is really short because there wasn't too much left to do in the game. I was lucky that the game, when it started, had moved me to where i needed to be. i finished Part 6 at the final statue i had awakened, but not where all 4 of their "spirits" had congregated. So when i started right where i needed to be, i did my scream, solved a light puzzle, and had to deal with the top of the tower being the bottom and then i got to the ending.

Ultimately, i don't get it. i say it in the video but the truth is i found it much more enjoyable tackling the puzzles and progressing through the world than what the conclusion ended up being. these puzzle parts of the game ended up being better than the game itself. The mystery of the king, the kingdom, the queen, and the other child were never explained, nor were the robots. if i had seen some sign of these at the end then i might've understood how or why they were in the world i had just played through. the story i had created in my own mind from my own experiences, which at times i say throughout this whole series, ended up being nothing like the actual ending. The ending i got didn't match the game i had just played. it's such a big disconnection that not only is it frustrating, it almost makes the game pointless to the point that i think of the game more as a series of puzzles than something with a story.

But that's just me and my interpretation of my own experiences. players from different cultures and backgrounds might have different feelings for the ending. I enjoyed the puzzles so much, especially that i was only stuck twice, that i would still recommend the game. probably best played on a PS5 because it really spun up the fans in my PS4!