Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Backlog Conquering - Kamiko On Switch - Part 2 - The Next Two Stages And Final Boss

This is part 2, the final part, of playing the Nintendo Switch version of Kamiko, from developers SKIPMORE, as part of Backlog Conquering. 

I was a bit surprised that i finished the game in this part. I was enjoying going to each of the different locations and fighting against their unique enemies and boss. But, by the end of this video i was getting a bit frustrated with the respawning enemies. I talked about it in the first part,, and i do understand why they respawn, the blue orbs they release are currency for a special attack and opening stuff, but it doesn't stop it being frustrating.

The option is there to try to beat the game with two other characters. each plays differently and my guess is in doing so we would unlock the special menu labeled ?????. But for me, playing through the game once is enough. i did enjoy the art, music, and designs. but i don't want to play again with the respawning enemies and the feeling that luck is needed rather than skill.

But with this game taking less then 2 hours, i think it's a good length. i had frustrations, but i wasn't ready to stop playing. i think if it was longer, then maybe things would've added up and i might've stopped playing. but at 4 locations and a final boss, it's a great length. So i would recommend Kamiko as there's plenty to enjoy. just know that it can get frustrating. but it's ok to put it down and come back later as you're likely to finish the game.