Saturday, March 16, 2024

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - Feeling Sick So Here's 15 Games Of Turf War Where I Try 3 Weapons

Welcome to Online Saturday.
I'm not feeling well today and wanted to relax with some gaming. i chose Splatoon 3 as it's a favorite of mine. There won't be any commentary, other than an intro and outro, as i wasn't feeling great and wanted to just relax. But after 15 games it was time to put it down as it started to be anything but relaxing as i was getting far too into it!

I used this time to try out 3 weapons. The Recycled Brella 24 Mk 1 came out with the 7.0.0 Patch and i was eager to try it as i like using Brella weapons. i had fun with it and will probably use it a lot going forward. i just don't like the Angle Shooter and Big Bubbler it comes with. I didn't enjoy the Foil Flingza Roller as much when attacking with it, but for inking it was very impressive and i managed to get some splats with it's Suction Bomb. The Nautilus 47 is a style of weapon i rarely use outside of #SalmonRun so i used it more out of curiosity than anything else. it did allow me to be more attacking and i got more splats with it than the other two combined. it's not bad so i may look at the other Nautilus variants to see if there's one a better fit for how i like to play.