Monday, October 1, 2012

Ubisoft Have Released A Launch Trailer For Just Dance 4

Ubisoft have released a launch trailer for Just Dance 4. the trailer shows action from the Wii, with a little action from the Wii U, but the game is also out on the Xbox 360.

Sanuk Games Announce They Are Bringing The Arkedo Series To The USA Via The PSN On 16th October

Sanuk Games have announced they are bringing the Arkedo Series to the USA PS3 PSN. they had previously announced they were going to bring the games Jump, Swap and Pixel from Arkedo but  it has taken 14 months to make this a reality. all 3 games are going to be released in the Arkedo Series for just $5.99. the games are already out on the EU PSN individually.

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PQube And Milestone Have Released A New WRC 3 Trailer Showing Challenges

PQube And Milestone have revealed Challenges and Boss Battles in WRC 3. the aim in these events is to master a specific goal. The Boss mode pits you against another racer in a Head to head. The challenges will include:

• Drift Contest: Coloured poles are positioned along the road and the driver is awarded points to drift the car as near to them as possible.
• Rally School Contest: The player has to race on a section of a Special Stage trying to keep the car inside the cones.
• Crash & Run: Negotiate with the tracks hitting the bonus points and avoiding the minus points.
• Gate Contest: Reach the finish line avoiding obstacles along the track. Obstacles consist of a series of gates, some of them fake which can be easily destroyed and others that are far thicker, slowing the car down when hit. Every gate has an indicator that shows if it's a fake or not. However, the indicator is only activated when the player is very close. It's all about speed and reflexes!
• Survival Contest: Your car will degrade as the clock counts down, the only way to pass the challenge is to reach the finish line as fast as possible whilst passing over Repair Kits that will give the car a bit of health back.
• Top Rally Contest: The player races through a Special Stage driving to beat his opponent who is in a "Special Vehicle". Beat the vehicle to earn the highest points.
• Combo Contest: Mixes two or more mechanics from the other challenges.

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Konami Announce Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Comes To The EU on 2nd November

Konami have announced Silent Hill: Book Of Memories on the PS Vita is set to come to the EU on 2nd November. Silent Hill: Book Of Memories lets players customise their character before handing them a book which can change the past. multiplayer elements have been added to the game, a first for the series, which means players can work together to complete quests.

Source: Konami UK

Atlus Have Released A New Trailer For Code of Princess On The 3DS

Atlus have released a new trailer for their upcoming 3DS game Code of Princess. this trailer uses in-game action to show its many features and some of the story.

UK Game Charts; FIFA 13, Borderlands 2, F1 2012, WoW: Mists Of Pandaria, Pro Evoultion Soccer 13

We have several new entries this week and a new number 1. the highest new entry was this weeks number 1, FIFA 13. this was followed by the World Of Warcraft Expansion Mists Of Pandaria coming in at 4. Rocksmith entered at 7 and Dead Or Alive just missing out on top 10 at 11. The Angry Birds Trilogy came in at 16 and the final new entry was just behind with Gran Turismo: Academy Edition coming in at 17.

1 - FIFA 13
2 - Borderlands 2
3 - F1 2012
4 - World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria
5 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
6 - Sleeping Dogs
7 - Rocksmith
8 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
9 - LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
10 - New Super Mario Bros. 2
11 - Dead Of Alive 5
12 - Forza Motorsport 4
13 - LittleBigPlanet PS Vita
14 - Dead Island: Game Of The Year Edition
15 - Max Payne 3
16 - Angry Birds Trilogy
17 - Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition
18 - London 2012: The Official Video Game
19 - Guild Wars 2
20 - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Charts Supplied By 3. UKIE Games Charts©, compiled by GfK Chart-Track

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