Friday, March 15, 2024

Mobile Friday - Idle Lumbercat - Wood Games - It Looks Great But The Grind Comes Too Soon

For Mobile Friday this week is i tried out Idle Lumbercat - Wood Games, also known as Lumbercat: Cute Idle Tycoon, from  @treepllainc6467 .  I Played this on my iPhone 14 Pro, but it's also out on Android.

This isn't the first game from treeplla that i've played for Mobile Friday. Last year i tried out Cat Snack Bar,, but the grind in that game came fast and it started not being fun to play. i wanted to know if things had changed after a year in terms of their game design.

From the beginning, it's clear that their character design hasn't changed and i personally think that's a good thing as it helps their games stand out more against all the other idle games with animals as part of the story. I like how bold and bright the colors are in the background and how clear everything is. Whereas the cats themselves are a little more muted or pastel in color. they're also not as clear and sharp as the background but i think it works as it gives them more of a "fluffy" feel.

But by the 10 minute mark i was already feeling the grind. there is a lot of depth to this game and much more to unlock than what is shown in the video. but it's that initial pacing that they don't get right. Many idle games have the same problem, but i feel they tend to succeed in hiding the grind through things such as an expanded tutorial that helps the player not only through the first stage but also into the second stage, using the second stage for reminders.

Whilst i was making some progress, it was also starting to be clear that progress was slowing down to such an extent that it was like the game wanted me to put it down. the amount of money needed was just getting too much. But there's another element that didn't get enough of a tutorial and that's the mangers. I don't know if you can only get them via loot boxes or not. I'm not even sure how or when i can get loot boxes in game outside of the store. The store wasn't introduced and when i opened it there wasn't another tutorial detailing what each of the currencies were and what they did. These are things that could be delt with better that would also help cover the grind.

The only obtrusive advert i came across was from the game itself. i don't mind self promotion, but if that promotion has currencies and things we've yet to be introduced to then it's poorly timed. I do like that there are optional adverts and the game has some interesting benefits for the player when using them. i felt that these were rarely obnoxious and mostly clear. so some room for improvement but what they have is good.

Idle Lumbercat - Wood Games is a fine idle game. it's pacing makes it feel like it wants the player to play in short bursts and that would be good for people who are commuting. there is a lot left to unlock, i just worry that it'll take a long time and feel like it took a long time.

Version 1.0.13 Played.