Monday, May 27, 2013

Capcom Announce The Capcom Arcade Cabinet All In One Pack Is Out Now

Capcom have announced the Capcom Arcade Cabinet All In One Pack is Out Now. this pack saves 50% on every game, if bought separately, and is out across PS3 PSN and XBLA. for XBLA users, you have to buy the first Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack and then all in one pack, you still get the savings.

Source: Capcom Unity

2K Have Released A New Civilization V Trailer For The Brave New World Expansion

2K have released a new trailer for Civilization V. this video is for the upcoming Brave New World expansion and focuses on the new Policies and Ideologies that have been introduced. in-game action is used to help explain the new additions and changes to Policies and Ideologies.

Atlus Have Released 2 New Character Videos For Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown

Atlus have released 2 new videos for Vanillaware's upcoming Dragon's Crown PSV and PS3 Game. the first video shows in-game action of the Elf, showing her character traits like agility and her archery skills. the second video features the Dwarf and again shows in-game action of his bomb skills and also briefly shows what appear to be a couple of bosses.

505 Games, Overkill And Demian Lichtenstein Have Released A Teaser Trailer For The PayDay Webseries

505 Games, Overkill And Director Demian Lichtenstein have released a teaser trailer for the upcoming PayDay web series. Demian Lichtenstein is currently working on the PayDay Movie, but coming first is the PayDay web series that will support the August launch of PayDay 2. the first episode of this web series will launch in around 2 weeks.

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Sega Have Released A Story Trailer For Company Of Heroes 2

Sega have released a story trailer for Relic Entertainments Company Of Heroes 2. this video is a sample of the single player story campaign, showing cinematic action.

Sony Have Released A New PlayStation 4 Conversation With Developers For The Witness

Sony have released a new PlayStation 4 Conversation with Developers. this video features Jonathan Blow and his upcoming game The Witness. in this video he talks about being a small independent developer, how it gives them freedom to work on what they want to and how that also applies to The Witness. they want to make the best game that has the best experience for the player and not focus on the game that would make them the most money. he also talks about the Sony relationship and how it evolved and they go involved with the PS4.

Turbine And Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Have Released A New Infinite Crisis Trailer Introducing Shazam

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new trailer for Infinite Crisis. this video introduces the Shazam character. the video shows him in action, his moves and offers some game play tips for Shazam as well.