Sunday, February 17, 2013

Round Up Of PlayStation 4 Rumours, New Controller, New Sound And Game Streaming

With Sony holding a conference on Wednesday, there have been several "leaks" and rumors reported about what the PlayStation 4 may be.

 The Controller

the biggest leak has been the controller. Destructoid started is all with this picture of the supposed controller and PlayStation 4 dev kit. 

This evaluation from TheSixthaxis is one i agree with. i also think that the two black things either side of the Dev Kit are cameras that could be used with the Move Light Strip for PlayStation Move Gaming.

This later image, also from TheSixthaxis, shows the controller in a different profile. this shows that the controller appears to not be a thick as first thought and that the controller comes with a headphone jack.

3D Sound

This didn't get as much coverage as the rest of the rumors/speculation and the picture does not show the PS4. TheSixthaxis reported this story, it works by the PS4 using it's reported cameras and the Move Strip in the controller to work out where you are, which way you are facing. so when you are playing a game, if you move your controller to face a different direction or if you face a different direction, the sound you get from the headphone jack changes. for example, if you are being overtaken by another car, you can turn to look at the car and the sound you would get would be of that cars engine and not the sound of yours.

PS3 Game Streaming

Sony bought Gaikai and have been quiet as to what they are going to do with it. its been reported by the Wall Street Journal that the Gaikai tech will be used to stream games to the PlayStation 4. more specifically, it will be used to stream PlayStation 3 games to the PlayStation 4 console. its not mentioned in the article, but one of the main reasons for this move is because the architecture of the technology in the PlayStation 3 doesn't appear to be compatible with the PlayStation 4, meaning PS3 games can't play on the PS4.

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Capcom Have Released A New Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Video Featuring Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto

Capcom have released a new video for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. this video features producer Ryozo Tsujimoto talking about multiplayer options. he talks about how the 3DS and Wii U game share the same save game. you can be out and about on the 3DS and when you get home transfer that save file and continue playing on the Wii U. also at home, you can use local wifi for 4 player co-op where one player plays on the Wii U and the other 3 are on 3DS. you can use your Wii U and go online via the internet and play with players else where.

Source: Capcom Unity

Irrational Games Have Released 2 Videos For BioShock Infinite, Separating Columbia's Legends From Truth

Irrational Games have released 2 videos for BioShock Infinite. i missed the first video so i have included it first, the newest video is the second one. each of these videos looks at a legend of Columbia, trying to separate fact from fiction.

Bungie Reveal Destiny, Release New Video Revealing Story, Your Character And More

Bungie have revealed Destiny in a video documentary. no platforms are announced in this video and there is no release date either. however, this video does reveal key elements of the story. 

Destiny is set on earth, an earth ravaged by some oppressive force. people from Earth used to travel the solar system and had a golden age, but this was brought to an abrupt end by some unknown force that nearly wiped out life on earth. that is until the traveler arrived, apparently using it's own life force to save mankind.

since then, the travelers ship has stayed located just above earth and a new city has been built underneath. the people of earth are once again exploring their planet, but what they are finding isn't that friendly. that's where you, the player comes in. you play as a guardian, someone who has a small amount of power the traveler had. you have to defend the city and defeat the enemies of earth to reclaim it.

The Video features several pieces of artwork and concept art of Earth, music and some possible in-game cinematics. Bungie reveal they have a 10 year plan for the series and the video shows some sort of social media and iPhone App integration to the game to help set up multiplayer between players and keep up to date with the game.

Concept Art

Update currently lists Destiny as coming to both the PS3 and Xbox 360. Amazon lists them as coming out on 31st December, which is most likely a placeholder. as the release date is a placeholder...i guess there is some chance that Destiny could be coming to other unannounced platforms.

Source: Destiny

Sony Online Entertainment Have Released A New Behind The Scenes Look At Music In PlanetSide 2

Sony Online Entertainment have released a new behind the scenes look at PlanetSide 2. this video focuses on the music in the game. this video features members of the music team talking about what they wanted each faction to sound like and also revealing they had a technical issue in the music print outs that had to be corrected on the fly by the conductor.

The music is conducted by Jeff Broadbent, in describing the music for each faction he said:
"For the Terran Republic, noble brass, soaring strings, massive percussion, and choir highlights propelled the action. Recorded by the Northwest Sinfonia, their score is a massive, mighty tribute to the military power of this faction. The blues-rock of the New Conglomerate infused a grass-roots vibe to this rebellious faction, while the blending of modern percussion gave a technological edge to their sound. The pulsing synths, evolving electronics, spiritual wind instruments and vocals of the Vanu Sovereignty conceived a sound that is both progressive and timeless, a symbol of their vision for the future and reliance upon ancient technology."

Press Release

Atlus Have Released A Story Trailer For Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers On 3DS

Atlus have released a story trailer for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. this 3DS version of the game is set come out from 16th April and this trailer uses some of the new in-game cinematics to reveal some of the story. in-game action from battles is also shown in this video.

Namco Bandai Have Released The First Behind The Scenes Look At Star Trek: The Video Game, Reveal Co-Op Origins And Show Game Play

Namco Bandai and Paramount Pictures have released the first behind the scenes look at Star Trek: The Video Game. this video focuses on Co-Op, it reveals that having a Co-Op game that focuses on Kirk and Spock was the logical thing to do. as well as showing more in-game action, the trailer reveals that you even get to play as the Enterprise in a firefight. several locations and scenariors are shown in this video, from stealth to run and gunning and working together.

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Namco Bandai Announce They Are Bringing WRC 3 On PS3 And PS Vita To The USA This Spring

Namco Bandai have announced they are bringing Milestone's WRC 3 to the USA and Latin America on Both PS3 and PS Vita. the game is set to come out in Spring and features the 2012 World Rally Championship. the main mode in WRC 3 is the Road To Glory mode where you can create your own team and compete through the rallies across the world. the PS3 has a hot seat mode where up to 4 players can compete locally in a variety of modes.

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