Saturday, November 26, 2022

Online Saturday: Pokémon Violet - 20 Online Tera Raid Battles!

Online Saturday is back!

it took around an hour and 10 minutes, but i went and did 20 online Tera Raid Battles. the online connection was mostly fine, but i did cut out 1 disconnect and 4 instances where a random online Tera Raid Battle couldn't be found.

It was a fun thing to do. i saw many Pokémon i hadn't seen as yet in the game and caught several i'm eager to try out.

*LOST VIDEO* Pokémon Violet - The Seventh Part - Exploring South Province Area 2 and Bug Badge

Yes, the title is true. The gameplay video for this part never saved and i lost it. So this video has my audio, but the video will be the start screen.

After discovering that i was under levelled in the previous video,, i changed my plans and headed to the west side of the map. This didn't go as planned. the pokemon here were lower levelled than i expected. it feels like this is the area you should do first, rather than heading east towards the grass gym.

i caught several Pokémon, including a female Combee as Vespiquen is one of my favourite Pokémon, and did a few raids. i encountered my first in game trade, a Flabebe for a Snom. but mostly this video was mostly me exploring this whole new area. as it was lower levelled, i moved around my squad and sent out many other pokemon to battle and level up.