Monday, June 8, 2009

Sony - Review of Trash Panic On PS3/PSN. 6.5 Score.

Game Console
Trash Panic PS3/PSN

The Good
  • Cheap
  • Interesting Gameplay
The Bad
  • Loading Times
  • High Level Of Difficulty
The Average
  • Graphics
  • Music
One of the cheaper games on the PSN, and also one of the biggest file sizes, Trash Panic offers a new interesting puzzle experience doing something not really done before. The aim is to simply put all the rubbish in your bin. The items come down like tetris and you have to break them, burn them or decompose them to fit it all in. But as a game as a whole it falls short of being a revolutionary engaging puzzle experience. The games steep difficulty is not only apparent in the main game but also the mini games leaving only the simple off line VS mode and and a simpler main game mode the best points of entry. The game does have a “hell” mode, but at present I haven't unlocked it yet and can't comment as to what it is, I assume however it's a harder difficulty.

Full Review.

EA - Collaberation Between Pixie Lott And Sims 3 Announced - Press Release

EA have announced a collaboration between pop singer Pixie Lott and The Sims 3. Pixie's debut single will get a Simlish version recorded, which will be available to download simultaneously with the english recording as well as with a music video showing Pixie singing her single with her Sims 3 character. both will be available from June 7th.

Press Release

GUILDFORD, SURREY, UK – JUNE 5, 2009 — Electronic Arts, Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced the collaboration between exciting new pop singer Pixie Lott and the highly anticipated PC game from the EA Play Label, The Sims™ 3. Activity kicks off with a Simlish recording of Pixie’s debut single, Mama Do available for simultaneous download with the English version of the game plus a music video showing Pixie singing a duet with her Sim character

"The Sims 3 takes the infinitely creative world of Sims to the next level, and once again its music is no exception," said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Music Marketing at EA. "Pixie Lott now joins artists like Black Eyed Peas, Lily Allen, Robyn and Natasha Bedingfield in bringing her tremendous vocal talents to the Simlish arena. Her amazing talent and love for the game makes Pixie a perfect ambassador for The Sims."

Pixie Lott releases her incredible debut single Mama Do available on the 7th June, through Mercury Records. Pixie’s personality, her rich vocals and her magnetic persona are all over her first single Mama Do, an archetypal teenage tale of sneaking out on mischievous dates under the cover of night and an appetite for adventure, action and the unknown. Pixie learned and recorded this song in the unique language of The Sims, Simlish.

“It was really good fun re-recording Mama Do in Simlish,” Pixie Lott added. “Singing Simlish words to a tune you know really well was a really strange experience and had me in fits of giggles but I got the hang of it and I love the end result. The Sims 3 allows for so many fun adventures, which fits how my world is so I’m happy to be a part of their newest creation!”

Get inspired by the endless creative possibilities and unexpected moments of surprise and mischief in The Sims 3! Customize your Sims’ appearances and choose up to five traits to create individual personalities. From the “romantic” trait or “kleptomaniac” trait to “evil” trait, create millions of unique Sims from the vast amount of personalities. New goal-oriented game play enables you to choose which short or long-term objectives you want your Sims to pursue and even determine your Sims’ destinies in life. Create and edit your own movies by capturing your gameplay moments or select from a library of clips. Then join The Sims 3 online community where you can show off all of your creations, receive additional content, hear the latest news, and more! Download exclusive content and hear the latest news of The Sims 3 at

Combined Activity:

• Re-recording of Mama Do into Simlish
• Simlish video created for Mama Do
• Pixie Lott to perform live at exclusive launch event for The Sims 3
• Pixie Lott to perform live at the Apple Store on Regent Street as part of joint launch activity for The Sims 3 and Pixie’s debut single, Mama Do
• Downloadable Pixie Lott avatar for The Sims 3

EA - Fight Night Round 4 - 14 New Screenshots Featuring Gatti, Morrison and Barrera.

EA have released 14 more screenshots for Fight Night Round 4 showcasing Gatti, Morrison and Barrera.