Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sony Announce Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Comes Out 23rd October, Reveals Heihachi And Toro Inoue As Fighters + More!

Sony has revealed plenty of new information for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. the game is set to come out on PS3 and PS Vita on 23rd October. the game will feature multiple costumes for each character, but these costumes will be pre-order exclusives. Sony have also announced new characters in the game. (the two question marks were the new characters mentioned below).

Toro Inoue, also known as the Sony Cat, is a Sony Japan mascot that has been other games over the last decade. his stance based fighting style is unique.

The other new character is Heihachi Mishima, one of only 5 characters in the Tekken series to have been in every game. his moves feature familiar ones like Electric Wind God Fist. he excels at close range combat.

And finally Sony have also revealed a new stage in the game. this level is based on the Original Parappa The Rapper.

 Sony has also released this new trailer for the game featuring the new characters revealed.

Source: USA Playstation Blog Posts 1 and 2

Namco Bandai Have Released A New Gameplay Video For One Piece: Pirate Warriors Showing Luffy Vs Pacifista

Namco Bandai have released a new gameplay video for One Piece: Pirate Warriors. this video shows action between Luffy and Pacifista. the gameplay is similar to other Temco Koei/Omega Force developed games like Bleach and Dynasty Warriors.