Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Have Released A New Lego Harry Potter Behind The Scenes Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new behind the scenes video for Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4. The behind the scenes video talks about Hogwarts and how they gave it a Lego look/feel and how they try to immerse the player in the world. they also discuss how they are going to show the different years, with a slight change in artistic style for each of the 4 years in this game.

Sony Online Entertainment They Are Releasing The Gundemonium Collection On The Playstation 3

Sony Online Entertainment announce they are partnering with Rockin' Android to bring Doujin style games to the Playstation 3. Doujin games can be best described as "Bullet Hell" side scrolling shooters. the first release is The Gundemonium Collection and it consists of 3 Indie Doujin games, Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa. This collection is currently set for a May 2010 release on the PSN.


Press Release

SAN DIEGO, Calif. April 28, 2010 – Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) and indie videogame developer Rockin’ Android announced today a collaborative effort, in which the two companies will localize, produce and release doujin, or Japanese-style indie video games, for the PlayStation®Network. The three titles scheduled for simultaneous release in May 2010 are Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, Hitogata Happa.

“Bringing the Rockin’ Android Gundemonium collection to the PlayStation Network further strengthens our position as a leading publisher for independent titles on the PSN” said Jason Herzceg, Director of Business Development at SOE.
“Being the first publisher to bring doujin games to the PlayStation Network demonstrates our desire to deliver new genres filled with creative games to a global audience.”

Rockin’ Android is a highly respected independent publisher of doujin games that now has the ability to expose its games to the large PlayStation Network audience.

“Our collaboration with game development powerhouse Sony Online Entertainment creates an incredibly unprecedented opportunity to expose many of Japan’s top indie video games to the worldwide online gaming community,” said Rockin’ Android President Enrique Galvez. “This is truly an exciting time for both companies, the Japanese indie game industry and gaming consumers.”

About the Gundemonium Collection:
The Gundemonium Collection consists of three titles: Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa. Each game delivers action packed 2-D anime-style game play, and brings the intense indie ‘bullet hell’ genre to the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Each of the titles offers multiple levels of frenetic action and high–impact weaponry. All of the titles will offer PlayStation®Network Trophies and remote play capability.

About Sony Online Entertainment:
Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is a recognized worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online games which have entertained millions of players around the globe. SOE creates and delivers compelling entertainment for the personal computer, online, game console and wireless markets. Known for its blockbuster franchise EverQuest®, its successful online trading card game Legends of Norrath®, as well as the recent kids' phenomenon Free Realms®, SOE continues to raise the bar for online gaming and players worldwide. Headquartered in San Diego, with additional studios in Austin, Seattle, Denver and Tucson, SOE has a slate of engaging, high-quality games currently in development across new genres for all audiences.

About Rockin’ Android:
Rockin’ Android is recognized as a highly respected independent publisher of action-packed doujin games for the personal computer and for the PlayStation®Network. Rockin’ Android is also noted as a world-wide leader in online downloadable games that feature a combination of highly stylized anime visuals and stunning character designs with easy-to-follow interface controls. Launched in 2009 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Rockin' Android is known for publishing the highly acclaimed blockbuster PC game franchise of SUGURI and SUGURI PERFECT EDITION as well as its downloadable PC games, including titles such as QLIONE and FLYING RED-BARREL-A DIARY OF A LITTLE AVIATOR-. More information can be found

Namco Bandai Have Released New Screenshots For Dead To Rights Retribution And Upcoming DLC

Namco Bandai have released new screenshots for Dead To Rights Retribution as well as releasing new screenshots from the upcoming DLC, Riot Control Mode and Assault on the 87th precinct. all these screenshots are in-game and they show off many aspects of the games gameplay, with both main characters, whilst also showing what moves can be pulled of.

Joystiq reports that These pieces of DLC are part of the GAC Pack which is coming out 26th May in PAL territories and 1st June in the USA.


DLC - Assault On The 87th Precinct

DLC - Riot Control Mode

New Zero Punctuation - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

This weeks Zero Punctuation is on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Could this re-make of the first Silent Hill improve on the original, is a pink dress scarier than a red one, could Yahtzee, a fan of the Silent Hill series, possibly like this game? watch and find out.

EA Have Released A New Co-Op Trailer For Skate 3

EA Have released a new trailer for Skate 3. this trailer focuses on the Co-Op aspect of the game. the trailer shows 2 people joining a game together, and talking to discuss where to go. the ability to move items in a co-op game was also shown as well as joining other players and forming a larger group. the trailer also talks about the ability to record various skate moves and upload them to the internet to share with the group. the trailer uses In-Game footage and action to show all this.

Microsoft Have Released The Halo Reach "Birth Of A Spartan" Video

Following Mondays announcement regarding the "Birth Of A Spartan" video for Halo Reach, Microsoft have released the 60 second version of the advert. Xbox Live Gold Members will get the chance to download the 2 minute 3 second long version of "Birth Of A Spartan" on 28th April.

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Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • Capcom have filed a trademark for Mega Man Universe.

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: EA Announce The Sims 3 Is Coming To The PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, And DS This Fall

  • PS3: Hydrophobia Devs have confirmed that the game is coming to the PS3 in the future.

  • Wii: its rumoured that a Black Nintendo Wii s coming to the USA in May with Wii Sports Resort, Motion Plus, for $199.99

  • QTE Blog: Sony Have Released A New Playstation Move Dev Diary For Brunswick Pro Bowling

  • PS3: Cohort Studios CEo, Lol Scragg, has praised the Playstation Move, saying its great hardware and very accurate.

  • 360: Kalypso won't comment whether the upcoming Tropico 3 expansion is coming to 360 version.

  • PS3: BioWare have said they are working with Sony to find a fix for Dragon Age Origins after the firmware update

  • 360: Its rumoured that Shenmue is coming to the XBLA after more screenshots were found of "Project Berkley II"

  • Square Enix announce they have created a new label called Square Enix Extreme Edges for mature rated games

  • QTE Blog: Sega Announce Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns Arcade Hits Pack For The Nintendo Wii

  • QTE Blog: Sega Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer For Iron Man 2

  • Wu-Tang Clan member, RZA, has tweeted that he's done motion capture for Activision. speculation is its for DJ Hero 2

  • Its reported that 350K people only played Madden 10 once online.

  • QTE Blog: Sony Online Entertainment Announce Maljaran Frontier, The 13th Expansion For PoxNora .

  • PS3: its strongly rumoured that the PS3 will get background game patching at some point.

  • 360: its estimated that Xbox Live arcade Block Party raked in $10.6M and sales increased over March 2009 by 41%

  • QTE Blog: PopCap Announce The "Show Your Bejeweled Love" Contenst Begins Today

  • QTE Blog: Sony Announce Championship Manager 2010 is Coming Out 29th April On Playstation Mini's

  • PS3: the Shatter soundtrack is coming to the USA PSN on 29th April for $5.99. there will be 14 tracks.

  • Its reported THQ and SyFy have signed a deal for a 2 hour TV Movie based on Red Faction. SyFy also involved in new game

  • QTE Blog: Sony Announce New SingStar Features Coming This June

  • QTE Blog: Sony Reveal The New Pre-Order Characters For ModNation Racers And The New Sackboy Racer