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Microsoft Have Released New Screenshots And A Fact Sheet For Upcoming XBLA Game, Scrap Metal

Microsoft have released new screenshots and a fact sheet for the upcoming XBLA game Scrap Metal. the fact sheet reveals that the game is coming out in March for 1200 MS Points. The fact sheet also reveals that the game with have an anaglyph 3D mode, you will need to use the classic red and cyan glasses to see the effect.
The Screenshots are all in-game and either show in-game menus or in-game action.

Scrap Metal

Fact Sheet

Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Slick Entertainment Inc.
Genre: Racing
Platform: Xbox LIVE® Arcade
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and older)
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Release Date: March 2010

Drift around corners with guns blazing and take out legendary competitors in the fast-paced, top-down racer “Scrap Metal”! Fight your way through explosive, action-packed missions and defeat cunning bosses to add their vehicles to your garage. Customize your newly acquired cars, and then return to the track to blast through more enemies. You can even jump online with Xbox LIVE* to race against your friends and crush their cars with the wheels of your massive monster truck in pulse-pounding online multiplayer matches.

Game Features
*Destroy the competition. Test your mettle in 60 single-player missions to prove that you’re the best racer around, culminating in the ultimate boss showdown!
*Unleash a phenomenal arsenal! Fire away at the opposition with a slew of outrageous weaponry, including flamethrowers, dual chain saws, rocket launchers, “The Pulverizer” grinding food processor and much more!
*Convert enemy scrap metal into a winning garage. Collect and customize more than 20 vehicles, including a muscle car, an airboat, a bulldozer and a monster truck for maximum damage on the track!
*Challenge friends and family. Kick into high gear with innovative multiplayer modes such as Demolition Derby, King of the Hill, Gasoline and Tank War for local split-screen or online excitement through Xbox LIVE.
*Bonus feature! Switch to the anaglyph 3-D mode and let “Scrap Metal” take you even deeper into the carnage. All you need is a pair of the classic red and cyan glasses (sold separately) and you’re good to go on a 3-D rampage!

* Xbox LIVE requires broadband access. Xbox LIVE Gold Membership required for online multiplayer.

The information contained in this fact sheet relates to a pre-release product that may be substantially modified before its first commercial release. Accordingly, the information may not accurately describe or reflect the product when it is first commercially released. This fact sheet is provided for informational purposes only, and Microsoft makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with regard to the fact sheet or the information contained in it.

Microsoft Have Released New Screenshots For Game Room

Microsoft have released new screenshots for the upcoming Game Room service. the screenshots appear to be in-game and show of many cabinets from different companies. The screenshots also show showcase screens which appears to show trailers for Game Room games.

Game Room

Microsoft Have Released New Screenshots For The Xbox Live Arcade Version Of Perfect Dark Zero

Microsoft have released new screenshots and a fact sheet for the XBLA version of Perfect Dark. the game is set to come out in March for 800 MS Points.
The Screenshots are all in-game with most showing in-game action. the screenshots show different aspects of the single player story as well as multiplayer.


Fact Sheet

“Perfect Dark”
Fact Sheet
February 2010
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: 4J Studios
Genre: Action
Platform: Xbox LIVE Arcade
ESRB Rating: M for Mature
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Release Date: March 2010

Agent Joanna Dark hit the ground running in “Perfect Dark,” an epic tale of galactic conspiracies in 2023 America. Now, Rare Ltd.’s classic sci-fi shooter has journeyed to Xbox LIVE Arcade, your premier destination for quality downloadable games at the best value. Complete with remastered graphics and silkier frame rates than before, the Dark returns this March as a part of Xbox LIVE Arcade’s Block Party. Now full multiplayer modes let gamers experience every twist of the heroic story, every stray bullet, every gadget and all the fast-paced action with friends across the globe through Xbox LIVE.* Fire up your Farsight and prepare for assignment.

Game Features
Remastered for Generation HD. “Perfect Dark” is visually upgraded to full HD: 1080p at 60 frames per second and upgraded 3 D models (characters, weapons) and locations.

Action-packed and authentic. Based on the original code for full authenticity, “Perfect Dark” is jam-packed with nine missions across 17 levels in solo, co-op and counter-op modes.

Multiplayer to the max. Relive the golden days of split-screen gaming, or take the battle online with up to eight players on Xbox LIVE. Engage in epic global multiplayer shootouts and compete in six different multiplayer scenarios across 16 levels.

* Xbox LIVE requires broadband access. Xbox LIVE Gold Membership is required for online multiplayer. See complete system requirements at

The information contained in this fact sheet relates to a pre-release product that may be substantially modified before its first commercial release. Accordingly, the information may not accurately describe or reflect the product when it is first commercially released. This fact sheet is provided for informational purposes only, and Microsoft Corp. makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with regard to the fact sheet or the information contained in it.

Microsoft Have Released New Screenshots And The Boxart For Crackdown 2

Microsoft have released new screenshots, boxart, and a fact sheet for Crackdown 2. the screenshots are from in-game and show off agents attacking various things in the city. the screenshots also appear to show off a pre-order bonus for the game, 4 exclusive Agency-issue armor in the colours Gold, Brushed, Red and Blue Metal.



Fact Sheet

“Crackdown 2”
Fact Sheet
February 2010

Title: “Crackdown 2”

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Developer: Ruffian Games

Format: DVD for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system; Xbox LIVE-enabled*

ESRB Rating: Pending

Price: $59.99 U.S.; 59.99 euros; 39.99 pounds (estimated retail price)

Availability: TBD

Overview: The city is infected — you are the cure.

“Crackdown 2,” the sequel to the award-winning 2007 title “Crackdown,” is the ultimate open-world action experience developed by Ruffian Games exclusively for Xbox 360. Featuring over-the-top action, a massive living world, stylish graphics and unmatched online capabilities, “Crackdown 2” is the most complete action experience on Xbox 360.

In the vertical, free-form world of Pacific City, tensions are high and escalating exponentially between the Agency and its opposing factions, the Cell and the Freaks. Returning to Pacific City as an advanced Agent, you’ll be judge, jury and executioner as you reclaim the city and eliminate all threats, either solo or with friends on Xbox LIVE.*

Building upon the groundbreaking success of its predecessor, “Crackdown 2” will elevate the open-world genre to unprecedented levels with the ultimate cooperative and competitive multiplayer experiences. Friends around the world will be able to sweep the streets of crime and lawlessness with the complete freedom to explore, destroy and restore justice to Pacific City — by any means necessary.

Complete freedom: A spectacular sandbox experience. “Crackdown 2” is an explosive tour de force that invites players to explore, experiment and navigate through objectives with complete freedom to do what they want, when they want. With unprecedented levels of open-ended gameplay in combat and story progression, “Crackdown 2” redefines the sandbox style of play with a gripping narrative and more ways to engage in the explosive action than ever.

In a league of its own: Unparalleled cooperative and multiplayer. The sandbox experience gets more exciting! Evolving the way open-world games are played, “Crackdown 2” introduces never-before-seen multiplayer features that will take the genre to new heights. With the ultimate four-player co-op mode, 16-player multiplayer experiences and an all-new party system, “Crackdown 2” ushers in the most robust open-world experience ever, offering unlimited ways to play and share Pacific City with friends around the world. Players will engage in dynamic competitive and cooperative multiplayer for double the carnage, action and intensity, only made possible on Xbox LIVE.*

The sky’s the limit: Serving justice, by any means necessary. “Crackdown 2” continues the over-the-top action with ever-expanding skills, more dangerous enemies and no safe zones. Strategies and tactics will be even more inventive with new weapons and agent skills that grant the abilities to scale buildings, orchestrate massive explosions and engage in bone-crushing combat with obliterating force. Hit the road, take to the sky or explore underground — the experience is limited only by your imagination. Whether you’re chasing down enemies on rooftops or dropping from sky-high to ground zero in a matter of seconds, “Crackdown 2” is the perfect adrenaline rush for action fanatics.

Sprawling environment: Pacific City at your disposal. The sprawling metropolis that was once Pacific City is now divided between the Agency, the Cell and the Freaks in a contentious battle between order and anarchy. Divided and expanded with new environments in every direction, the city has never been more perilous. From the rooftops to the sewers, players will utilize their surroundings to the fullest to take back Pacific City.

Information: Ruffian Games is a new studio based in Dundee, Scotland. Officially established in January 2009, the studio was formed by Studio Head Gaz Liddon and Creative Director Billy Thomson, formerly of Xen Studios. The team is composed of industry veterans with extensive experience developing blockbuster titles, such as “Crackdown,” “Fable II,” “Project Gotham Racing,” “Grand Theft Auto,” “Mortal Kombat” and many others.

The information contained in this fact sheet relates to a pre-release product that may be substantially modified before its first commercial release. Accordingly, the information may not accurately describe or reflect the product when it is first commercially released. This fact sheet is provided for informational purposes only, and Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the fact sheet or the information contained in it.

“Crackdown 2” (Ruffian Games). Available exclusively on Xbox 360 and hitting store shelves later this year, the sequel to the 2007 smash hit features over-the-top action, a massive living world, unprecedented online and multiplayer capabilities, and stylish graphics. Reserve your copy today and stand above the crowd — you’ll receive a code to download four exclusive suits of Agency-Issue armor: Gold, Brushed, Red and Blue Metal.

* Xbox LIVE Gold account required for online multiplayer gameplay.

Capcom Release New Screenshots And Boxart For Lost Planet 2

Capcom have released new screenshots for the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet 2. these in-game screenshots focus on the Xbox 360 exclusive Dom, Marcus, and Wesker Skins. The game is coming out on 18th May for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Lost Planet 2 Dom, Marcus, Wesker Screenshots

Fact Sheet

Release Date: May 18, 2010
Genre: Action
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3
Rating: Pending
Developer: Capcom®
Producer: Jun Takeuchi

Game Description:

The next instalment in the popular action series returns in Lost Planet 2. Lost Planet™: Extreme Condition, the landmark third-person shooter that debuted on Xbox 360, went on to sell over 2.3 million units worldwide after its release. Lost Planet 2, will offer deeper insight into the world of E.D.N III and the uncertain fate of future mankind.

A decade has passed since the first game, and the face of E.D.N. III has changed dramatically. Terraforming efforts have been successful and the ice has begun to melt, giving way to lush tropical jungles and harsh unforgiving deserts. Players will enter this new environment and follow the exploits of their own customized snow pirate on their quest to seize control of the changing planet.

Players will control their heroes across 6 interconnected episodes, creating a truly unique interactive experience that changes depending upon the actions of the players involved. With this concept, players will have the opportunity to engage in the story in a much more dynamic way as plot threads evolve from different players’ perspectives.

Beyond the deep single player mode, Lost Planet 2 is loaded with extensive multiplayer modes. The intense and action packed campaign mode comes with the ability to form teams of up to 4 players online to clear mission objectives with friends. The grappling hooks that made the gameplay in Lost Planet a true 3-D experience are back, allowing gamers to gain tactical advantage by moving to elevated locations quickly.

No action game would be complete without an arsenal of weaponry, and Lost Planet 2 has a huge variety of hardware for players to unleash on unsuspecting enemies. Machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, lasers, sniper rifles, grenades and a host of other weapons are scattered across the game. However, Lost Planet 2’s biggest weapons come on two legs: the heavily armed and armored robotic Vital Suits return in greater numbers and variety than the first game. There are VS that transform into other vehicles, hold up to three players and some that even take multiple players to operate.


* 4-player co-op action: Team up to battle the giant Akrid in explosive 4 player co-operative play. Teamwork is the player’s key to victory as the team is dependent on each other to succeed and survive.
* Single-player game evolves based on players decisions and actions
* Deep level of character customization: Players will have hundreds of different ways to customize their look to truly help them define their character on the battlefield both on- and offline. Certain weapons can also be customized to suit individual player style.
* Beautiful massive environments: Capcom’s advanced graphics engine, MT Framework 2.0, will bring the game to life with the next step in 3D fidelity and performance.
* Massive scale of enemies: Players skill on the battlefield and work as a team will be tested like never before against the giant Akrid. Players will utilize teamwork tactics, new weapons and a variety of vital suits (VS) to fight these larger-than-life bosses.
* Rewards System- Players will receive rewards for assisting teammates and contributing to the team’s success
* Up to 16-player Multiplayer modes and online ranking system
* Exciting new VS features- Based on fan feedback, the team has implemented an unbelievable variety of Vital Suits and new ways to combat VS’s. The new VS system will have a powerful impact on the way the player takes to the war zone in Lost Planet 2

Square Enix Have Released New Screenshots For Final Fantasy XIII And Reveal Xbox 360 Bundle

Square Enix have released new screenshots for the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII. the screenshots are in-game and show of some battles and a Gestalt. these English screenshots also show some of the battle menus and Pulse.


Square Enix have also revealed that there is going to be a console bundle for Final Fantasy XIII. this bundle will include a white Xbox 360 with a 250 GB HDD. there will be 2 wireless controllers, Exclusive Avatar items, and a copy of Final Fantasy XIII. Square have also announced that the Xbox 360 will be the only console to get a Final Fantasy XIII Bundle outside of Japan

Click to see the picture bigger

Final Fantasy XIII designer Tetsuya Nomura has created a faceplate for the Xbox 360. these will be released in the USA, EU, Australia, and New Zealand, but only in limited quantities.

Face Plate

Fact Sheet

Developer: Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Square Enix, Inc.
Platform: PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system/ Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft
Genre: RPG ESRB: T (Teen)
Ship Date: March 9, 2010

Square Enix proudly presents FINAL FANTASY XIII, the latest installment in the world-renowned FINAL FANTASY series, which has shipped over 92 million units worldwide. To celebrate the 13th title in the series, Square Enix has undertaken a colossal project involving the development of various content for multiple platforms. FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS™, defined in Latin as “the new tale of the crystal,” is made up of several different titles based on variations of the FINAL FANTASY XIII universe. While each title in the project features different characters, different worlds and different stories, all are ultimately based on and expand upon a common mythos.

Overview In FINAL FANTASY XIII, players will embark on a journey through the cityworld of Cocoon and the outerworld of Pulse, encountering and fighting alongside a diverse group of allies. Execute powerful attacks with weapons and magic, and summon the enigmatic Eidolons with an evolved Active Time Battle system. Experience seamless transitions between real-time gameplay and in-game cinematics. Do you have the courage to face your destiny?

* Take Part in a Gaming Experience that Sets New Standards – The first in the series developed for a simultaneous release on multiple high-definition consoles, FINAL FANTASY XIII pushes new boundaries in cinematic presentation, sound and gameplay.
* Experience the Unity of Speed and Strategy with the Ultimate Active Time Battle system – The familiar system has evolved, granting players the freedom of executing numerous commands in a single turn with the multi-slot ATB gauge. Whether inputting singular commands in each slot for consecutive attacks, or expending multiple slots at once to activate a devastating blow, it’s up to the players to respond effectively to the battle conditions at hand.
* Adapt to the Ever-Changing Tide of Battle with Paradigms – A brand-new game mechanic enabling players to assign roles to their party members at any time during battle, shifting between combat paradigms. Consisting of various combinations of the game's six roles, ranging from Commando, the offensive specialist, to Medic, the quintessential healer, paradigms allow players to respond and adapt instantly to any given situation to turn the tide and seize victory.
* Witness the Battle Scene Transform with an All-New Summon System – Introducing Gestalt Mode, a powerful dimension of the summon system that elevates the action to a whole new level. In Gestalt Mode, characters and their transformed Eidolons fight as one, dealing massive damage to enemies through simple button commands.
* Delve into an Emotional Experience – An immersive storyline connects players to an intriguing cast of characters. Will they have the strength to confront their cursed fates, or will destiny prevail over all that they believe in?
* A Brand-New Song for an International Audience – Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Leona Lewis has come on board with Square Enix to provide her new song, “My Hands,” for the North American and European versions

“FINAL FANTASY XIII” (Square Enix). The Xbox 360 “FINAL FANTASY XIII” Special Edition Bundle includes a 250GB hard drive, two wireless controllers, exclusive downloadable avatar items and a standard-edition copy of the dramatic sequel in the multimillion-selling series. Xbox 360 is the only console outside of Japan to be bundled with the game, available in stores starting March 9, while supplies last. In addition, a very limited number of “FINAL FANTASY XIII” Limited Edition Faceplates have been created by designer Tetsuya Nomura. These faceplates are only available promotionally in fixed quantities across select retailers in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Capcom Have Released Screenshots And Boxart For Dead Rising 2 And Announced Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Capcom have announced the release dates for the Xbox 360 version of Dead Rising 2. the game has a USA release of August 31st, a Japan release of September 2nd, and a EU Release of September 3rd.

Capcom have also announced a Xbox 360 exclusive Dead Rising 2 Game. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero will come out before the games release on Xbox Live. Case Zero is a introduction to the new protagonist in Dead Rising 2, Chuck Greene, as well as providing a link between Dead Rising 1 and Dead Rising 2.

Capcom have also released new screenshots and the boxart for Dead Rising 2. the screenshots are in-game and show many different ways of killing zombies by using/combining different weapons.


Fact Sheet

Release Date:
North America – August 31st, 2010
Japan – September 2nd, 2010
Europe – September 3rd, 2010
Genre: Zombie Action
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
Rating: TBC
Developer: Blue Castle Games

Several years have passed since the Wilamette incident, and Dead Rising 2 shifts the action from the everyday world of mid-West America to the glitz and glamour of Fortune City, America’s latest and greatest entertainment playground. People flock to Fortune City from around the globe to escape from reality and the chance to win big and for some, this means competing in Terror is Reality.

Like millions of Americans, former national motocross champion, Chuck Greene, is gripped by the TV sensation that is Terror is Reality. Hosted by the flamboyant Tyrone King, Terror is Reality pits ordinary members of the public against an arena full of zombies with a simple challenge – kill more zombies than your opponents and stay alive with the winner collecting big money and the chance to come back and secure even greater prizes. So, what is it that has forced Chuck to come to Fortune City and risk his life in the modern day gladiatorial contest, is he trying to recapture the fame of his motocross days, does he have a reason to hate zombies, or is it simply the lure of big money?

With hundreds of zombies on screen at any one time, the original Dead Rising forced gamers to take everyday objects they found in the Mall and use them as weapons. In its sequel, Dead Rising 2, thousands of zombies now fill every square inch of Fortune City and Chuck is going to need to be even more resourceful and inventive. Cue combination weapons…

Players will be able to take two objects, a roll of tape and with a little inventiveness create an advanced zombie-killing combo weapon - a piece of wood and a lawnmower become a Portamower, the handheld mower that cuts zombies down to size in an instant, while a garden rake and car battery combine to create an electrified zombie prod. Using combination weapons to fend off hoards of the undead in fun and grotesque ways is only just the beginning as the more combo weapons a player uses, the more Prestige Points (PPs) they will rack up. Earn enough PPs and Chuck levels up which will help players along the way.

Ahead of the full game, Capcom will be releasing original downloadable content exclusively on Xbox Live, Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO. The prologue will introduce the new protagonist, Chuck Greene and provide a link between the original game and the events that await players in the gambling paradise of Fortune City.

Dead Rising 2 is being developed by Canadian developer Blue Castle Games in close collaboration with Capcom. A number of members from the original Dead Rising team will be working alongside Blue Castle Games throughout the development process, including Capcom’s global head of research and development, Keiji Inafune, who as the game’s Producer, is playing an active role in the project.

Microsoft Have Released New Screenshots, Boxart, And A Fact Sheet For Alan Wake

Microsoft have released new screenshots for Alan Wake. the screenshots are in-game and show both the daylight and night time aspects of the game.

The Game is set for a USA release of 18th May and a EU release of 21st May. those who pre-order the game will get a "Bright Falls" bonus pack which includes Avatar Gear, a Xbox Live Theme, a making Of Video, and other exclusive content. There will also be limited edition Collectors Edition available at retail. this will come with the game plus a bonus disc of behind the scenes footage, in-game commentary, game soundtrack, "The Alan Wake Files" Book, and more. The games fact sheet shows the Limited Edition will be $79.99 whilst the standard edition is prices at $59.99.


Boxart + Special Edition

Fact Sheet

Title: “Alan Wake”

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Developer: Remedy Entertainment Ltd.

Format: DVD for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system

ESRB Rating: Rating Pending

Pricing: $59.99 Standard Edition / $79.99 Limited Edition

Availability: May 18, 2010 (US) / May 21, 2010 (EMEA)

Product Overview:
Bringing a new style of storytelling to Xbox 360, “Alan Wake” is a psychological action thriller from Remedy, the renowned original developers of the successful “Max Payne” series. In this dynamic new title exclusively for Xbox 360, players assume the role of Alan Wake, a best-selling suspense author suffering from writer’s block, who escapes to a small town only to experience the mysterious disappearance of his wife.

Set in the deceptively idyllic town of Bright Falls, Washington, “Alan Wake” immerses players in an intense and expansive cinematic world that enables players to explore the hyper-realistic and interactive environments. “Alan Wake” is mission-based with a deeply engaging and suspenseful storyline unveiling new twists and profound character revelations at every turn.

Players will unravel the riveting plot through multilayered character interactions, unique problem-solving and intense combat against terrifying enemies. In this nightmarish world, where fantasy and reality collide, Alan Wake must use a variety of weapons to survive, including his most powerful ally against the darkness — light itself.

Intense psychological thriller. “Alan Wake” delivers a deeply
psychological and finely crafted plot that raises the bar for storytelling in video games. The riveting story of “Alan Wake” is propelled by a movie-like atmosphere, compelling situations, memorable characters and real-time pacing. Remedy has a record of creating and developing games with unique cinematic presentation and exceptionally high production values.

Light as a combat element. As Wake journeys deeper into the mystery of Bright Falls, the shadows close in around him. When darkness descends, light becomes his only ally as he fights his way to daybreak. . This poses a severe problem for Alan Wake since his enemies seemingly gain strength from the shadows, and before long, light itself becomes his greatest ally. Players must skillfully combine their use of light with more conventional weapons to stand a chance.

Realistic, interactive environment. Set in the town of Bright Falls, the hyper-detailed environments of the Pacific Northwest play an important role; even the change in daylight and weather will profoundly affect the characters and enemies in “Alan Wake.” The game’s advanced rendering engine provides amazingly realistic environments that bring this world to detailed life — from the lush forest of evergreen trees to the quaint small-town buildings and streets. The world of “Alan Wake” is alive and real.

Episodic narrative. The mission-based structure of “Alan Wake” creates an episodic narrative similar to a deeply structured dramatic television series, such as LOST, Twin Peaks and X-Files. As the episodes progress, gameplay will evolve to introduce new elements and characters, escalating the level of threat and action in the game.

“Alan Wake” (Remedy Entertainment Ltd.). Launching May 18 in North America and May 21 in Europe, nightmares come to life in this Xbox 360 exclusive that will establish a new gaming genre, the gripping psychological action thriller. It is built like a chilling episodic TV series, where your wits and light are your only allies, and you can pre-order your copy now at participating retailers to reserve your Bright Falls Bonus Pack, which includes exclusive content such as avatar gear, an Xbox LIVE theme, and a “making of” video. Those looking to immerse themselves in the mystery beyond the game can also pre-order the limited collector’s edition, packed with bonus discs of behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive in-game commentary and hints from Remedy, a game soundtrack, “The Alan Wake Files” book, and more, all bound together in a hardcover bookshelf-worthy package.

Developer Information:
Remedy Entertainment is a privately held developer of cinematic action games and franchises. Remedy is based in Espoo, Finland, and has developed critically acclaimed and top-selling action games. Additional information can be obtained through Remedy’s Web site at

Naught Dog Detail Upcoming Uncharted 2 1.05 Title Update

Naughty Dog have detailed some of the updates coming in the upcoming 1.05 title update for Uncharted 2. The main feature is a cash penalty for players who leave a multiplayer match more than once in a specific time scale. Naughty Dog have also said they have made steps to remove players who are AFK and take them out of matchmaking. Naughty Dog have also said they've looked into player levels being reset and fixed it.
Naughty God have said that there are more fixes in the 1.05 update yet to be announced.

From Naughty Dog Blog

Futuremark Announce A Major Update For Shattered Horizon Is Out Now

Futuremark have announced that a major update is out now for Shattered Horizon. they say they listened to the community and added request features like Voice Chat, a new ranking system, 5:4 Monitor support and more. They have also revealed that 4 new levels will be coming out soon in the Free Moonrise content pack.

Significant New Features Include:
  • Added in game voice chat support.
  • Improved ranking system better tailored to both new and existing players.
  • Cosmetic changes to player’s suit as rank is gained help distinguish between new and experienced players.
  • Tutorial screens added to main menu.
  • MPR grenades have been made more effective against flying targets.
  • HUD targeting brackets no longer appear on spawning astronauts.
  • Level loading, team selection and match results screens have been redesigned.
  • All game audio has been re-mastered to improve dynamic range.
  • Added support for 5:4 monitor resolutions such as 1280x1024.
  • Servers can now be set to limit access to players above, below or between configurable point thresholds.
  • Server browser list now refreshes player count, level and ping every few seconds. Dead servers are removed from list.
  • Added Melee Only (MO) option to server configuration options.
  • Fixes for several game and server bugs.

Press Release

HELSINKI --(Business Wire)-- Feb 11, 2010 Futuremark® Games Studio today released a major update for Shattered Horizon™, their PC exclusive multiplayer first-person shooter. The update adds some of the most requested features from the game’s active community, including voice chat, a new rank system, tutorial content, 5:4 monitor support and point limited servers as well as fixing several bugs and issues. The game’s menus and audio have been given an overhaul and as an added bonus the studio has also released the soundtrack from Shattered Horizon to the community as a free download.

"This update which includes voice chat and other popular suggestions gathered directly from our community makes Shattered Horizon a better experience for all our players," said Jaakko Haapasalo, producer at Futuremark Games Studio. "And with four new levels coming soon in the free Moonrise content pack Shattered Horizon will soon be even better value too."

Significant New Features:
*Added in game voice chat support.
*Improved ranking system better tailored to both new and existing players.
*Cosmetic changes to player’s suit as rank is gained help distinguish between new and experienced players.
*Tutorial screens added to main menu.
*MPR grenades have been made more effective against flying targets.
*HUD targeting brackets no longer appear on spawning astronauts.
*Level loading, team selection and match results screens have been redesigned.
*All game audio has been re-mastered to improve dynamic range.
*Added support for 5:4 monitor resolutions such as 1280x1024.
*Servers can now be set to limit access to players above, below or between configurable point thresholds.
*Server browser list now refreshes player count, level and ping every few seconds. Dead servers are removed from list.
*Added Melee Only (MO) option to server configuration options.
*Fixes for several game and server bugs.

For the complete list of new features, changes, bug fixes and optimizations please visit the Futuremark Games Studio forums:

Soundtrack available as a free download:
By popular request, Futuremark Games Studio has released the soundtrack for Shattered Horizon composed by Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen of the band Poets of the Fall as a free download from the game’s official website:

About Shattered Horizon
Shattered Horizon is the innovative first game from Futuremark Games Studio that immerses you in the cold reality of zero gravity combat in space.
Multiplayer first-person shooter set in near-Earth space 40 years from now.
Experience intense zero gravity combat and complete freedom of movement. Use your rocket pack to fly freely through space then land on any surface.
Join your friends in action-packed 32 player battles fighting to control hollowed-out asteroids, huge fragments of Moon rock and the ruined remains of the International Space Station.
Four new levels coming soon in the free Moonrise content pack.

Shattered Horizon requires DirectX 10, a DirectX 10 compatible video card, and Windows Vista or Windows 7. There is no support for Windows XP or DirectX 9. Suggested retail price: €19.95 / $19.95 / £14.95

Shattered Horizon is available now from Steam and the official website:

Keywords and Suggested Tags
Shattered Horizon, Futuremark Games Studio, first-person shooter, FPS, zero gravity, multiplayer, PC, video game, DirectX10, Windows 7, NVIDIA TWIMTBP, patch, update

About Futuremark® Games Studio
Futuremark® Games Studio, wholly owned by Futuremark® Corporation, was formed in January 2008 to create original games with new and entertaining gameplay. Shattered Horizon™ is the studio’s first self-published game. Shattered Horizon is rated Teen by the ESRB and 16 by PEGI. The game carries the NVIDIA®: The Way It's Meant To Be Played™ seal. Futuremark is based in Helsinki, Finland and maintains a sales office in Saratoga, California. For more information, please visit

© 2010 Futuremark® Corporation. Shattered Horizon™ and Futuremark® Games Studio trademarks and logos, Futuremark character names and distinctive likenesses, are the exclusive property of Futuremark Corporation. The names of other companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

EA Have Released A Battlefield Bad Company 2 Demo Tutorial Video

EA has released a new video for Battlefield Bad Company 2. this video is a walkthrough of the multiplayer demo that is currently available on consoles. the video goes through the two different teams and their objectives, and the different ways an objective can be completed. the tutorial also explains the different classes available and squads.

Sony Has Released A God Of War III "Vengeance" Trailer

Sony has released a new trailer for the upcoming God Of War III. this "Vengeance" Trailer has plenty of new in-game footage from the game designed " sell the high action of the game and put together snippets of several of the big moments". You get to see kratos fighting big monsters whilst climbing on titans, seeing how they use scale.

From USA Playstation Blog

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  • Wii: Nintendo have said "...replenishing Wii inventories will be a challenge.", they're doing what they can

  • Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter release has been delayed until April. The First Encounter will get a update soon

  • NCSoft has released financials. they made ₩634.7B for 2009, 83% increase on 2008. Profit ₩185.4B, 623% increase

  • EA say "We do not have an NCAA Basketball game in development at this time..." they're reviewing the franchise future

  • PS3:Final Fantasy XIII is on sale, prices down from ¥9,240 to ¥3,980 for a limited time. too much stoke speculated

  • Square Enix are interested in making a 3D game, not sure how possible it is to make one. 3D FFXIII Trailer in JP cinemas

  • QTE Blog: Sega Have Released New Screenshots For Empire Total War: Elite Units Of The East

  • QTE Blog: Sega Reveal Resonance Of Fate Has A UK Release Of 26th March And Release Character/Box Art

  • PS3: The Motion Controller is challenging for the core gamer, whilst being engaging for the social gamer, diverse genres

  • PSP: Nippon Ichi confirm "Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!" EU Name is now "What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!?"

  • 360: Bungie has said they won't make a 3D Halo game/ redo a Halo game in 3D. another studio could.

  • NCSoft say console versions of Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2 are on track for a 2011 release.

  • QTE Blog: EA Have Released A New Trailer For Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online On The PC

  • QTE Blog: This Weeks UK PSP Digital Comic Store Update

  • Just Add Water have announced that its creating a series for Minis and iPhone called Vektar. its a rhythm/puzzle game.

  • Wii: No More Heroes 2 has a EU release date of by the end of April.

  • PS3: its reported that Uncharted 2 has now sold over 2.5 Million units.

  • PS3: Rumoured pics have emerged of firmware 3.20 and it shows a “3D video output” option. its rumoured to be in Dev hands

  • QTE Blog: EA Announces That The Battlefield Bad Company 2 Has Been Downloaded Over 2 Million Times

  • QTE Blog: UK PSN Update 11/02/10

  • 360: its been reported people have freezing issues when playing BioShock 2 online. 2K Looking into it.

  • GameStop have a pre-order bonus for Transformers War on Cybertron. you get a exclusive Shockwave for Multiplayer games

  • 360: listed Final Fantasy XIV as coming out on the 360, but quickly pulled it.

  • DS: Okameiden has been trademarked in Europe. its speculated that Capcom will release the game outside of Japan.

  • PC: A Starcraft II Closed beta will begin this month. Blizzard say the mid 2010 release is still on track

  • Future Publishing reveal only Edge Magazine sales are up, by 0.4%. revenue down 12% to £36M year on year

  • QTE Blog: This Weeks USA PSP Digital Comic Store Update

  • QTE Blog: U.S. District Court Denies Motion To Dismiss A Class-Action Lawsuit Against EA And NCAA

  • Mac: TellTale Games are bringing their games to Macs. Tales of Monkey Island is out now

  • Xbox: DLC for xbox games are back online.

  • Lost Planet 2 will have local split screen co-op. its like Resident Evil 5, staggered screens

  • PSP: the Digital Comics app will get a update that will allow the user to delete comic from inside the app

  • its rumoured that Radical Entertainment have laid off 90+ staff today

  • PS3: GameStop has the ceramic White Dual Shock 3 available for pre-order for $54.99

  • PS3: Blue Toad Murder Files set to come out in the USA soon. EU sales have beaten expectations.

  • Sudi 51 says he would be interested in making No More Heroes 3 on the Wii Successor