Saturday, July 22, 2023

Online Saturday - Gundam Evolution - 4 Matches, 2 Wins!

Even tho this is my 6th video on Gundam Evolution, it's the first one since it was announced that the game will be closed on 29th November,

It's sad to see it go soo quickly. it's not perfect, i'm complaining in every video. but there is something to it, there are many aspects of the game i enjoy. it feels like a good first attempt and i genuinely would be excited to play the sequel. but i doubt it'll come anytime soon, if at all. Here in Japan, there is still a good number of players on PlayStation. it doesn't take too long to get into games. 

So what went wrong. well, in my opinion after spending nearly 8 hours with it, i do think the name is bad, i believe the roster of Gundams is far too small, the number of maps is too small, having 3 unbalanced economies is just frustrating as it doesn't feel like a free to play game i can complete without spending large sums of money. the loot box system is ruined by the sheer numbers of different items it can unlock meaning as players we'd need to get far too many of them, but getting the loot boxes is difficult without money.

when it comes to gameplay, a lot is done right so it's the little things. respawn times are a tad too long whilst the amount of time it takes to kill you feels too short. many of the special moves seem like a waste and many attacks don't have weight behind them even tho you're in a Gundam. like the guns are fine, but i wouldn't say they're satisfying. there's a disconnect between the movement of the Gundams on screen compared to those from anime as well as the Gundams being far too fragile in comparison.

If i could help with a sequel, i'd firstly put in many many more Gundams and leave customisations as pay things to unlock. i'd lean into it being not soo serious so we could get mechs from other games or other anime or even crazy ones, like a Hello Kitty Mech! More maps, bigger maps where you move across them going from area to area as you complete objectives similar to Star Wars Battlefront. to make a better sense of scale, battles could be similar to Warhawk, which i might've got wrong in the video, where there are those in mechs, those on the ground, those up in buildings, or it could do what Eve and Dust 514 tried of battles across space and land.

the point is, there is a lot to like about this game but it's not without it's faults. it's up against some heavy hitters, games that are sequels in a series like Splatoon 3 and Overwatch 2, and games that have been around for a while which have a made a name for themselves and are far more polished, like Apex Legends, Fornite, and many others. I will keep playing as for me it's one of the better online games i've played. but who knows, will loosing this game mean i try Fortnite?!