Saturday, November 26, 2011

Namco Bandai Have Released 27 New Screenshots For Tales Of The Abyss On The 3DS

Namco Bandai have released 27 new screenshots for Tales Of The Abyss, their recently released Nintendo 3DS RPG. These screenshots are in-game and show a variety of parts of the game, including combat, cutscenes, and moving around the world.


Codemasters Announce The Return of Dizzy In Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk, An Upcoming iOS And Android Game

Codemasters have announced the return of Dizzy, an 8-bit era icon. Dizzy is coming to iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android Phones in Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk. the game is set to come out 9th December. this is a remake of the game released 20 years ago, Codemasters also reveal Dizzy fans released a petition with thousands of signatures in an effort to get a new Dizzy game made and it appears to have been successful.

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Sony Have Released A New Playstation Vita Trailer Showing AR Games In Development And Possibilities

Sony have released a new trailer for the Playstation Vita showing the AR Games currently in development. The PSV uses a system called WAAR, which stands for Wide Area Augmented Reality, which basically means the PSV can use up to 6 AR Cards at a time. 6 cards will be available at the PSV Launch, it doesn't appear the PSV will come with them, for use in free AR Games that will also be available when the PSV Launches.

The video shows in-game action from Pulsar, a game where you have to move lazer beams around objects to a target. Table Top: Sports Diving has you diving of tables to a pool of water below. Pocket Garden turns an area into a garden. Fireworks appears to be a Fantavision style game where you create firework displays. Pocket War turns a service into a war zone where two sides fight. the final game shown is Flickball, its similar to Subbuteo. 

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Codemasters Have Released A Launch Trailer For The 3DS Version Of F1 2011

Codemasters have released a launch trailer for the 3DS version of F1 2011.

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BigBig Studios And Sony Have Released A New Trailer For Little Deviants On The Playstation Vita

BigBig Studios and Sony have released a new trailer for Little Deviants, their upcoming Playstation Vita launch game. this trailer uses in-game action to show how you use the features of the PSV in the game, and the trailer also reveals the games back story.

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Warner Bros. And TT Games Have Released 2 New Gameplay Videos For Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

Warner Bros. and TT Games have released 2 new gameplay videos for Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7. the first video shows action from different locations in the game and the second video shows spells.