Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Hera Cup - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Pixel Hera Cup! (2023/5/29 9:00~2023/6/5 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Cloud Monday - Humanity - Part 2 - “Your streaming game closed”

Today's Cloud Monday is part 2 of playing Humanity on PS4 via the PlayStation Plus Premium Cloud Streaming Service.

 It finally happened. After 31 videos, hours of playing games that were being streamed to me via PlayStation Plus Premium, a game closed on me. There have been times when the game being streamed to me has looked rough and had issues. More than once, i've had a warning appear on the screen to say the game could close. But this video is the first time where it actually happened.

throughout most of this video you'll see all the usual issues i have with streaming from PlayStation Plus Premium, apart from zebra striping but that is a very rare issue in itself. in some ways it's surprising that the game kept going for as long as it did as there were some very rough times before it did close. Macroblocking was a big issue and this video was the first time that it actually got in the way of gameplay because it made parts of text almost unreadable. 

I was beginning to be done with the game anyway. for me, the prologue was all i needed to play to know that this isn't quite the game for me. the prologue would make an excellent demo and i do recommend people play at least that much of the game. but it was the water stages that showed me i was done. streaming the game also affected things because it reduced the spectacle of the game. whether it was the macroblocking or the resolution drops, or whatever, the key moments when a stage is completed and there are hundreds of people moving around kinda didn't have much of an impact on me. i could tell what they were aiming for, but it fell flat because at times it looked like a PS3 game or even worse.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Switch Funday - Puzzle & Dragon: Nintendo Switch Edition - Oceanus Falls and Kronos Forest

For Switch Funday, i decided to play Puzzle & Dragon: Nintendo Switch Edition. I already play this game for Tuesday's Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday,, but that series focuses on the online cups. But there are other game modes to play.

So today i focused on completing the Oceanus Falls and Kronos Forest dungeons, the 8th and 9th ones, in the quest mode. there were some real close moments and overall i would say it was more difficult than playing the online cups. the biggest difference is that the monsters in the quest mode can kill you, whereas playing in the cups it's more you're up against other players and want to have the highest score.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Online Saturday - Gundam Evolution - 4 Games, 3 Losses!

It's been a little while since i last played Gundam Evolution. since i last played there have been a few game updates and a new season has started, too. Whilst this game session wasn't any more successful than normal, i still had fun.

My goal for today was to try out a new Gundam in each game. for the most part it worked out well, but i didn't have fun with the Gundam that uses a mace. it's a melee focused Gundam that doesn't work too well in a game which has a far greater number of mid to long range Gundams that use guns.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Mobile Friday - Animal Restaurant - The First Hour

For Mobile Friday this week is i tried out Animal Restaurant from DH Games. i played it for an hour on my iPhone 14 Pro, but it is also out on Android.                                                                                              
Going into this, i had some assumptions as to how this was going to play. not too long ago i did a video on Cat Snack Bar,, and going back further i did a couple of videos on Cats & Soup, and both of these are idle games and both suffered with grind. those videos were all shorter than this one because i ran out of things to do much sooner than with Animal Restaurant. 

From the beginning, it was clear that Animal Restaurant was a little different than other idle restaurant games i've played. it started with a story! it's not an in-depth one, nor is it long. but it does help set the scene and give a reason why we're doing what we're doing. the game also feels like it takes it's time. i didn't feel rushed into progressing, into ads and the store, nor did i feel like i was going to run out things to do right up till the end of the video.

What became more apparent as i played was just how much content is in the game. even tho the title has "Restaurant" in it, in that first hour i learned that there's more to unlock and interact with. the game mostly focuses on a center location, the floor of the restaurant. to the right is the kitchen. at this point in the game, i didn't do too much there. but by the end of the video i had explored the buffet and takeout sections, but not unlocked them as i didn't have enough money, but i had unlocked the courtyard.

because of the how idle games work, it's difficult to say how long it would take to unlock those extra areas. it could be that the grind starts just as i was ending my video. there was one downside, tho not a particularly big one but it's something worth mentioning. the game does an extra download when you start it, in my case for the first time but it could happen after a patch or when an event happens. for anyone with data caps on their phone, this could be annoying as there was no choice about it happening nor was there any mention of how much data was being downloaded.

I do recommend people give this game a go. i feel there's a lot of content to unlock as you play, but if you only play the once i feel that it's a pleasant experience. it's not a game you can play one handed so it may limit a little where and when people can play it.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Prehistoric Dude - From Start to Finish

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
This is a video showing my playthrough of Prehistoric Dude on PS4.

This video takes the 4 parts of my playthrough of the game and combines them into one. nearly all my deaths have been removed so it is shorter than all 4 parts combined. if you want to watch each part, you can head to:
Backlog Conquering - Part 2 -
Backlog Conquering - Part 3 -
Backlog Conquering - Part 4 -

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Prehistoric Dude - The Final Part

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
This is part 3, the final part of playing Prehistoric Dude.

This is a very short video. i had two goals, get the missing weapon and beat the Enormousaurus boss that i was stuck on in video 2, the hope was that the new weapon would give me the boost i needed. but what actually happened was i found the weapon not really effective against Enormousaurus. it's such a big boss, getting close enough to use the club on it was just too dangerous. it was much safer to stick with throwing axes. so what i needed most was a little luck. thankfully i got it!

the way the game did credits was nice, there's a big thankyou and a short list of those who helped make the game. the next room takes us right back to the start of the game. this works because after you beat Enormousaurus, you get a special key that unlocks everything. so the game puts you back into the world to get what you missed. turns out i missed a powerup as i very quickly found the final powerup i was missing. 

Prehistoric Dude was a fun game to play. there are a couple of small issues, but the big one for me was how the game goes from controlling well when you jump to becoming a mess when you use vines or try to land on small moving platforms. missing out on powerups was a little frustrating but it didn't become a problem until right at the end. thankfully the game is small enough so backtracking didn't take too long. but the map only shows rooms instead of what's inside them, so it kinda felt like searching took longer than needed. but i do recommend giving it a go. it's not long and the Platinum Trophy is very achievable. there's not much story, but there's a nice twist at the end, but it is, mostly, a enjoyable gaming experience.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Kundali Cup - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Kundali Cup! (2023/5/22 9:00~2023/5/29 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

Whilst this was another easy cup, where the gimmick was not only easy t o understand but also easy to pull off, it wasn't as exciting as some more recent cups due to the lack of other players. there was only one other player i matched with this week. i didn't beat them, but our second game, my final one of this video, was really close. this week i was able to get to the boss frequently but only once was i able to beat them.

This week i played against:
ariri - Rank 63

Monday, May 22, 2023

Cloud Monday - Humanity - Part 1 - Some Issues Streaming This New Game From PlayStation Plus Premium

Today's Cloud Monday is part 1 of playing Humanity on PS4 via the PlayStation Plus Premium Cloud Streaming Service.

This is a new game from Tha and Enhance Experience that is out across PS4 and PS5. this is the newest game i've tried out on PlayStation Plus Premium Cloud Streaming Service and i chose to play it because i wondered how well having soo many people on screen at the same time would hold up, whether the stream would suffer from macroblocking or other issues.

The game itself isn't as sharp or bold and colorful when compared to some of the recent games we've played on this list. graphically, it has it's own issues on PS4. the one that annoyed me the most was the seeming lack of a shadow of my character. this meant that it was really hard to judge where it was in a 3D space. you'll see in this video that i jump off stuff a fair bit. other things i noticed include how low resolution and low framerate the shadows were.

There might've been a few other things, but it's hard to tell because the game also suffered from streaming issues. for example, the game is a bit murky and not sharp so it's difficult to know if there were resolution drops. my fear about macroblocking came true and it appeared more than once. it was so strong a couple of times that there was even zebra striping. near the end, the warning about the stream came up, too. stream tears weren't that common and even tho there was macroblocking it never really got in the way. unlike recent games who rely on sharp high resolution art and suffered because many issues were soo distracting, with the art style and limitations of the PS4, these issues didn't get in the way of Humanity.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Switch Funday - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass - 50 Minutes Playing Online

For Switch Funday, i was looking to play something familiar, something i could relax to. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isn't the most obvious game, but i know i'm not the best player so there's no pressure on me to try and win. my only goal is to not finish last. there were a couple of times when i failed to reach that goal.

I tried editing this video a little bit, cutting out the lobby time. so in real life, it was near 1 hour 15 minutes. i stopped 'cause the game had started to no longer be relaxing, rather it was becoming a little frustrating. i do enjoying playing it and it's nice that i can pop in for an hour or so and just relax and play with no pressure on me.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Online Saturday - Meet Your Maker - One Month Later

Welcome to Online Saturday.
Today's video is my return to Meet Your Maker. i first tried this game back in April when it first came out,, but back then i was having a hard time with it. i decided to leave it for a bit and come back. hopefully things like raid difficulty would become more realistic. the game has had a few patches since then, with 1.06 being the most recent for this game play video.

Unfortunately, i didn't really notice any differences. loading times are still long, raid difficult levels still seem out of balance, and overall i didn't enjoy it any more than the first time. i did manage to defeat a few bases and it was satisfying to do so. but i didn't enjoy it.

I've come to the conclusion that this game isn't for me. i do enjoy the feel of the controls. i've mentioned a few times that it feels somewhat nostalgic to games like Unreal Tournament. but the game attached to it doesn't quite feel right. the controls feel floaty and fast compared to the gameplay and mechanics which seem to require stealth, slow cautious exploration, and for some reason a grappling hook. in some ways, it feels like two different ideas for the game were smashed together and this was the result, rather than the two being stitched tightly together.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Prehistoric Dude - Part 2 - Unable To Beat Enormousaurus

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
This is part 2 of my playthrough of Prehistoric Dude on PS4.
In the last video,, i made a lot of progress but got kinda stuck. it felt like i needed a power-up. so i ended that video by going back to the start to check out some new locations

This video continues on from there. it very quickly pays off as i get the ability to go under water. this opens up the game a lot and enables me to check out other areas i had missed. so for the start of the video that's what i end up doing. about half way i get to the big boss, Enormousaurus, but i get stuck. for the rest of the video, i'm unable to beat it. i get close a couple of times but i can't seem to get the final hit. the video ends with me being frustrated at this situation and wondering if i'm still missing a weapon or something.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Prehistoric Dude - Continuing From QT30E

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
With Malicious now finished, it was time to move onto a new game. in my QT30E series i did a video on the PS4 PSN game Prehistoric Dude. you can catch that video here and that has the first 25 minutes or so of the game.

Backlog Conquering continues on from that video and keeps going for 50 minutes or so. in this video i continue to not enjoy using vines, i continue to miss wooden platforms, and i continue to hate the spiders. But i do still have fun. maybe i should've stopped a little earlier as i was beginning to get frustrated. but overall it was a good time and some great progress was made.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Umisachi and Yamasachi Cup - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The  Umisachi and Yamasachi Cup! (2023/5/15 9:00~2023/5/22 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

This was another quick cup for me. the gimmick seemed OK and making the combos needed was not an issue either. And yet i only managed to beat the boss once, in my final battle. there weren't too many other players online when i did the cup, it's a few days since Zelda was released so i was expecting it. but there were some fun close matches.

This week i played against:
Oolong - Rank 64
ake - Rank 68
そう - Rank 64

Monday, May 15, 2023

Cloud Monday - Super Stardust Portable - Part 2 - A Rougher Stream From PlayStation Plus Premium

Today's Cloud Monday is part 2 of playing Super Stardust Portable on PS4 via the PlayStation Plus Premium Cloud Streaming Service.

I really enjoyed playing Super Stardust Portable on PS4 last week,, so i was looking forward to playing it for Part 2 of Cloud Monday. But this week, the streaming experience was much rougher than part 1. Last time, there were issues with macroblocking, but today we seemed to have all the major issues.

it got so rough that the streaming warning appeared for a time! there were stream tears, there were resolution drops, there was macroblocking, and there were times when it felt like it was slowing down and/or stuttering with the controls getting "heavy". there's a chance the latter could also be caused due to the game itself, rather than it being streamed to me. There were a couple of moments when the amount of enemies and particles on screen was really high and this was coupled with streaming/playing issues. 

It's still a fun game to play, but out of the two days i played this game today's issues negatively impacted my enjoyment of it, but it was still mostly playable. if you do have issues, downloading and installing the game is an option, but the point of this series is to see what the streaming experience is like.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Switch Funday - Asphalt 9: Legends - The First 45 Minutes

Welcome to Switch Funday!

Asphalt 9: Legends is a game i've had on my Switch for a long time, but i've never played it. it could be, in-part, that i've always considered Asphalt to be a mobile game series. but it's Switch Funday and i was in the mood for a racing game.

First thing i'd like to say is that i came away from this game very impressed. some of the design and user interface stuff feels old, but the core gameplay itself was a lot of fun. it felt like it took the arcade drift fun from Ridge Racer 7, the cars from Gran Turismo, and the wrecking from Burnout to create a racer that at it's core is rather fun and enjoyable.

the only negative that really stood out regarding it's core gameplay is the length of the races. whilst the races may share parts of a course, they can vary wildly in distance. if it took less than a minute, it felt too short. it would be a guess to suggest that this was from it's origins as a mobile game. but when they're short, a mistake or two is all it takes to lose the race. there's not enough time for a comeback. the Ai is rather good and seems to try, combined with a boost that doesn't seem that much faster than everyone else, makes the short tracks feel a bit of a chore rather than something to look forward to.

Considering how old the game is on Switch, i was also impressed by how good it looked. there wasn't too much complex stuff on screen, but what was there was clear, big, and colorful. there were some texture pop-in issues with stuff in the background, but that was only really noticeable when things were going slow. the sense of speed when you're going fast and the type of racer it is means that in a race there's little time to admire the scenery so i didn't notice if pop-in happened. it doesn't have the most crisp graphics and i'm sure i spotted the game showing my car with a floating head inside, but i do feel that it's good enough. even the menus were fine.

I'm glad i checked out Asphalt 9: Legends and i do recommend people try it. it's free to play from the eShop and has a huge amount to unlock. it's a bit of a retro racer with modern ideas that mostly pulls it off.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Switch Funday - Splatoon 3 - Getting May's Salmon Run Item

Welcome to Switch Funday.
Today i went and got May's Salmon Run item, the Commander Tunic. today's video continues my new edited approach to Splatoon 3 videos.

it was a successful Salmon Run today. it rarely goes smoothly and can sometimes take a long time to get the item twice. however, today things went really good. there were only a couple of early losses! most games either finished or got to the final round. this meant i even got a couple of extra matches in after getting the item this week. i had some great team wins with some great teamwork, something that's not a given. my team and i did face against a King Salmonid, but once again we failed to defeat it.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Mobile Friday - Ultimate Sackboy - Sackboy's Return to The Runner Genre

For Mobile Friday this week is i tried out Ultimate Sackboy, a game from SAD PUPPY and Exient that's out across Android and iOS. i played this game on my iPhone Pro 14.

Ultimate Sackboy has LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy returning to the Runner Genre is this recently released game. Sakcboy previously was in Run Sackboy! Run!, a game that came out a decade or more ago on PS Vita, iOS, and Android. But let's be clear, Ultimate Sackboy is not a new version of that game.Run Sackboy! Run! was a horizontal runner that suffered from weird difficulty spikes and a lack of level variety. Ultimate Sackboy is a vertical runner that has other features that set's it apart from Run Sackboy! Run! but also from other famous Runner games.

The biggest and first difference you'll notice is that the game is timed based. typically runners let you run until you are stopped, or killed. during this video, your own mistakes can end the run but more often than not it was the level's time limit of 35 seconds that would finish it. i don't know if levels you unlock throughout the game have the same limit, nor do i know if there's an "Endless" style mode that let's you run until you fail. i do think that i had finished the tutorial, but at the end of the video you can see just how much content there is to unlock.

The music in the game doesn't quite live up to the standard set by the LittleBigPlanet titles, especially the first two on PS3, but it's fine. i do like the graphical style. i feel that it moves away from the older style of LittleBigPlanet where levels and things looked made from individual pieces. this newer style feels more cohesive with the world built from things like look like they're from the same place, instead of a hodgepodge of items and styles being put together to create something. in the video i remarked that it felt similar to a Yoshi Wolly World, and thinking about it now even Kirby's Epic Yarn would fit, as it has a very unique art style but also has a world built in that same style so together they seem to work fine. Ultimate Sackboy doesn't appear to have level creation mechanics, so the world itself not looking like it was built in one feels fine and helps it move away from LittleBigPlanet and become it's own thing.

I came away from playing this game with a lot of praise for the designers and only a few small nitpicks. let's start with those as they tend to focus on making the game a little more convenient rather than affecting the gameplay. Most games nowadays have a collect all function when obtaining rewards for completing missions. If you have a notification, it's nice and clear. when you can upgrade something, it's nice and clear too. But if you have both, then it's only the notification that's shown. there's space in the character select section to have a red dot, a green dot, no dots, or both. the game is smartly designed so that the tutorial goes nice and slow, but that it's also a part of the game. another cool thing they do is the level system. in Ultimate Sackboy, you collect items that can help you customise your Sackboy. as you get more items, your level increases. this means that your character level can only go up as you get better gear. this is welcomed as getting gear is relatedly easy.

One thing you'll need to watch out for, and this could determine if this is a game you play out and about over a mobile network, is that there are extra downloads. the base game where you just go and run seems to be all there. but when you do a daily challenge or get a level level, there does seem to be an additional download. at no point was i given the option to delay the download and play a different mode. nor was there any indication as to how much was downloaded.           

Ultimate Sackboy is one i do recommend people give a go. it's a free download and the game feels like it was designed with the player in mind rather than being design to earn the most money from players.  

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Malicious - From Start to Finish

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
Today's video the whole game of Malicious. this uses my previous Backlog Conquering videos to create a mostly seamless edit of the game from start to finish. it's my first time doing this and the beginning is a little rough. what was cut were the move tutorials and my many game overs!

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Echidna Cup - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Echidna Cup! (2023/5/8 9:00~2023/5/15 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

This was one of the quickest Cup's i've done so far! whilst it was fun to do well and often get to the boss, and even defeating it once, there were very few people online whilst i was playing it. the gimmick seemed to be getting combos and getting large chains, but it also seemed to be color reliant. this meant some times i would do a lot of damage and others i did less than expected.

This week i played against:
こうま - Rank 16
KIMAMUA - Rank 89

Monday, May 8, 2023

Cloud Monday - Super Stardust Portable - Part 1 - A Little Rough At Times But Playable

Today's Cloud Monday is part 1 of playing Super Stardust Portable on PS4 via the PlayStation Plus Premium Cloud Streaming Service.

I have actually played the PSP version more recently than any other version of Super Stardust, so choosing to play the PS4 version of the PSP game was a bit of a guilty pleasure. i really enjoy the series and was always impressed with what they pulled off on PSP. I didn't go into this PS4 version thinking that everything would be fine. Every version of this game is known for particles and those are typically what streaming services can struggle with.

But i don't think they were an issue. Macroblocking seemed to be the biggest issue i came across. and much like with the recent Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom videos, this games relatively simple art style made it very noticeable when it happened.

i wouldn't say there were any issues with the controls, which is great in a game like this. it was very playable. but the macroblocking and, whilst often very brief, unknown strange happenings did make things a little distracting. it could be that because i'm familiar with the game, i was able to focus more on the game and ignore the minor stuff happening to the stream.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Switch Funday - Splatoon 3 - Zelda's May Splatfest - 15 Tricolor Battles!

Welcome to Switch Funday!

This weekend is the Zelda Splatfest so today i'm back with Splatoon 3 to take part of the Tricolor mode. if your unfamiliar with this mode, it pits all 3 teams against each other. there's always a team of 4 with the other two being teams of 2. those teams of s have to try and work together to beat the team of 4.

I got in 15 games today and thankfully there were less connection issues than in yesterday's Splatfest video,, tho my controller did die in the 14th match! i felt that today's matches were also far closer and more competitive than yesterday. my teammates and i got in 6 wins out of the 15 matches, far more than yesterday.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - Zelda's May Splatfest - 13 Games, 4 Wins!

Welcome to Online Saturday.

It's a Splatfest weekend so today's video is on the Zelda Splatfest in Splatoon 3.

The firs thing i should mention is that this video is more edited than usual. due to a combination of disconnections, wind, and deliveries (or banging on my door due to win), this video ballooned to over an hour and 15 minutes and became somewhat disjointed. so there'll be times when my weapon changes or i comment about the disconnections. Going forward, i may try this more edited format in tomorrow's Tri Color video.

As for the Splatfest, well i didn't get many wins. what i noticed was that there wasn't just one team dominating. Normally, i get a feel as to which team is doing better than the others. but today, it felt like both other teams were coming out strong. throughout the video you'll see i'm up against teams who are taking this much more seriously than i am by looking at the pins they've attached or the weapons they're using. i wonder if the theme, The Legend of Zelda, has brought a more serious gamer to the Splatfest rather than something a little less serious like April's Monster Splatfest.

Friday, May 5, 2023

Mobile Friday - Disney Mirrorverse - The First 50 Minutes

Mobile Friday this week is Disney Mirrorverse, a game on iOS and Android that's been out for nearly a year now.

I've seen this game been advertised in other games i play as well as seeing it in the app store. But, with it being free to play and Disney, i didn't really give it much of a chance and that's on me for judging it before playing it.

So i played it and this video shows the first 50 minutes, or so, of the game. and i'll be honest, i was pleasantly surprised. one of the bigger things i took away from my time with the game is how polished it felt and how much it respected the player as a gamer rather than as something to extract money from.

one of the first things the game does is set out why everything is as it is, and they use a Mirror Universe. it's simple and they throw in some Disney Magic to add to the effect. it holds your hand in telling you what to do, maybe a little quick for some players, but for the most part i'd say it works well. tho, the first enemies do feel like they take a few hits to kill. throughout the first 10 levels of the game, Chapter 1, the game continues to help teach you how to play. 

The game also guides you at the home screen, again teaching you what things do, where things are, and how to do things. i do appreciate this approach. it's something that makes me, as a gamer, feel like the game is thinking about what i need rather than treating me as a cash resource first for what the game needs.

It was a satisfying first hour with fun gameplay. nothing too complicated, but just enough story and characters to keep my interest and to keep me going along. the game does use an energy system to gate how much/how long you can play, but in the time i spent with it i never came close to not having enough as i kept on leveling up and earning more as well as being able to carry more.

I'd definitely say give it a try. there were no extra downloads after installing it and whilst it did get my phone warm, that could be due to trying out a "beta" 60 fps mode. feel free to talk in the chat if your phones get warm without that mode.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Malicious - The Final Part - Beating The Game

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
Today's video is part 7, and the final part, of playing Malicious on PS3.


this was quickly becoming the final video i was going to do with this game as i finally reached my limit. if i was ever going to complete it, it would've been in my own time and maybe released as a QT30E video. But with less than 5 minutes to spare, i did it. i beat that boss. it was close to failure at so many points i can't really believe i won.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Malicious - Part 6 - Unable to Beat The Malicious

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
Today's video is part 6 of playing Malicious on PS3.

i'm at the final boss of the game, i'm up against Malicious. but this video shows that it's not an easy boss fight. the boss battle is broken up into two parts, neither of which are easy nor are they straight forward. as well as the boss attacking you, with one attack being a one hit K.O if you don't block, there are also a number of flying enemies on the stage, too.

But there's also the issue of my own controller. one thing you'll see happen quite often is that when i try to use my shield i actually dash first as the stick drift gets in the way. the game has it's own issues. more than once i was inputting commands and nothing was happening on screen. there was also a glitch with the boss where it was preparing to launch an attack but never firing it until i moved.

Ultimately, this boss battle isn't as fun as the others had been in the game. they were difficult but it was easy to see progress in defeating them. with this one, it feels like it's maybe a bit too much for the game's own controls and design. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday - Nintendo Switch Edition - Pixel Zeus Cup - Achievement Run

Welcome to Puzzle & Dragons Tuesday! Sit back and either watch me play through, with no commentary, the cup or leave it running in the background as BGM!

I play and earn all the achievements from The Pixel Zeus Cup! (2023/5/1 9:00~2023/5/8 8:59 JST) in Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition whilst using a GamePad and a docked Nintendo Switch.

This is a much shorter video than some recent ones. whilst i'm not sure i fully understood the gimmick this week, i do feel i understood it enough to always finish in the top 3. i got to the final boss a few times but i never managed to beat it. looking at how well the other players did, i think this will be a decent week for everyone as most got high scores or did well with the bonus catagories.

This week i played against:
Joker - Rank 73
かずけん - Rank 44
しよう - Rank 35
Mii - Rank 57
なな - Rank 60
ゆうな - Rank 59

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Monday, May 1, 2023

Cloud Monday - Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - Part 2 - A Better Hour But Not Perfect

Today's Cloud Monday is part 2 of playing the PS4 game Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on the PlayStation Plus Streaming Service.

Part 1,, wasn't too bad. there were some minor issues but nothing that affected gameplay. mostly, because of the graphical style and fidelity of the game, it was just distracting. 

In this video, what issues there were were few and far between. there were a couple of times where i could see some macroblocking. another time i saw some stream tearing. and whilst these were distracting, as they happened far less than in part 1 part 2 felt like a better overall gaming experience. 

But, there was something about the controls that just felt off. it could be that due to age, wear and tear, and use my controller is developing an issue. or it could be due to streaming the game from PlayStation Plus Premium there's some lag between what i press on the controller to what happens in the game. or it's just the game. i speculated a couple of times in the video, but one of better ideas was that in this game the ledges are slippery. so the closer you are to the edge, the more likely you are to slide off or have added momentum. coupled with potential lag, it could help explain why i found it more difficult doing the platforming in this part than part 1.