Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

I didn't get much console gaming done so I tried to get in more mobile gaming. Things should be returning to normal here and hopefully i'll be back gaming on consoles once again.

Football Manager 2010 – PC – I Won the Oceanic Cup Final with Vanuatu and I also won the Championship. Setting up for the premiership is hard, lots of players going, coming in, sorting out loan moves. I also have a new stadium being built, massive loan, and real pressure to stay promoted.

Pokèmon White – DS – i've not really played much of the game. Instead I focused on playing the web games and getting new Pokèmon.

Tiny Wings – iPhone 4 – this is a nice and easy pick up and play kinda game. I tend to play 5 minutes here and there. Every time I play I get a bit better which is great.

Hot Spring Story – iPhone – I love Game Dev Story and I wanted to try Kairosoft's other game and this doesn’t disappoint at all. The game world where this game takes place is unfamiliar but that's not an issue as there's plenty of information available. This feels a bigger, more indepth game compared to Game Dev Story and i'd say it would be best to try Game Dev first as it's probably a bit easier and less than intense. It is fun and its just as addictive as Game Dev Story. I have played through once and i'm keen to keep on playing, improving, and learning.

Portal 2 – PS3 – I love the first game. It really was an experience...and the only game I enjoyed out of the Orange Box. I've got the dual portal gun now and i'm loving it. The characters are fun, the story is interesting, and Glados is just as I remember....oh she remembers as well.

Air Penguin – iPhone – this is a simple game that's very addictive. Its motion controlled, and the levels are short. Its easy to complete the levels and if there is a hard one there are bonuses you can buy to make it easier. This is a great game to introduce people to iPhone gaming. Its simple, good in short bursts, looks great, and works well with the iPhone.

Dalton – iPhone – this is a simple running and jump game. The twist here is various power-ups and zombies. It was free and its a game I play for a couple of minutes. I'm not great at these sort of games, but the random placement of powerups keeps it fresh.

Spirits – iPhone – I have only dabbled with this game so far. It has a great look to it and appears to be a twist on Lemmings. You have spirits which you have to get to a goal. Each spirit can be given a job to help others get to the end. The levels are fun, the graphics are interesting, and the controls are simple. So far its enjoyable.